I’m not sure if they’re fleas, but in a bathroom in my office building there are flea-like bugs flying around, we cleaned everything, but they’re still there. How can we get rid of them without using a bomb.


  1. feyanni

    Vaccuming will get rid of fleas. If that doesn’t work, place a dish of water under a nightlight in the bathroom. The fleas will jump in it and drown.
    Sand fleas can be carried in on clothing and shoes.
    Mice can bring in fleas as well as pets.

  2. magnetic

    if you are talking about the small black flies, they are not flies.
    two ways to deal with them. get a sticky trap like for roaches, put a touch of strawberry jam (a touch, like enough to make a smell) and set in a window,
    change it out once a month
    that is the easiest way

  3. Kay3535

    Fleas don’t really fly, they kind of hop around. You’d see them mostly along the floor & baseboards. Try checking inside any ventilation vents. You may need to bomb or hire an exterminator.

  4. paul

    You have standing water somewhere. Fix it clean the mold, use disinfectant throughout the bathroom. Then sticky trap, spray or whatnot the files. You may also have an air leak from a moist area outside if you don’t find one inside. Look around the base of the toilet for leaks.

  5. Smartphone Emulators

    Well first of all fleas dont fly…they jump.So if they are fleas you will want to stop by your local Vet’s office and get flea spray. You will have to spray everything. This stuff prevents new fleas from hatching and kills the others. Your also going to want to vacuum everyday for a week or two. Make sure to change your vacuum bag after every use or else the fleas may get out and your problem will start all over again. There is really no easy way to get rid of the little suckers.

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