Me and my wife recently bought a puppy chihuahua that is under 1 pound, when the breeder gave it to us it already had fleas and a few ticks. We already removed the ticks but now we are having a hay day getting rid of these fleas. Any hints, tips, or suggestions would be appreciated please put your source though thanks.


  1. ♥Golden gal♥

    You have a 6 week old pup that is under a pound in weight. The “breeder” gave you this pup with not only fleas but ticks too.
    When did it not occur to you that something may be very wrong with the breeder or the pup??
    Since this pup is under a pound then you have to go to a vet to get the right type of medication for the fleas. The dog is just not up to a good enough weight to buy anything over the counter. The pup isn’t even old enough to really be away from it’s mom or litter mates either.
    I would not even suggest a bath becuase the pup is so very tiny!
    You need to get this pup into the vets ASAP! I hope fleas is the pups olny problem.

  2. Queen LIZ

    OMG! you got this poor pup from a breeder in this condition? REPORT them ASAP! they need to be taken out back and tarred and feathered! Well, now that I got that out of my system. Give your poor baby a dip in some white vinegar, and remember to rinse well. Treat your house as well for fleas. And take it to the vet to make sure she/he isn’t sick from all the blood suckers sucking the life out of it. Dogs and cats who have had fleas real bad are known to get tape worm and be iron defecent. Let alone a wealth of other problems. Get the baby checked out. And don’t forget to report the Breeder.

  3. drummerc

    i found that a very good flea comb works, i had a cat have a litter of kittens outside and when i found them same thing fleas and ticks, but you get a flea comb and a glass of soapy water and keep the puppy clean should work good for you and its not dealing with poison, you dont want to expose a puppy that young to even dog shampoo

  4. ހЮØ

    you should of never got the dog from this breeder person. First of a it’s supposed to be with its mother second of all its has ticks and fleas third of all its underweight it only weights under a pound. the fleas you can go to a vet to have them removed .

  5. Hershey

    Though I do agree with what everyone else says, I would recommend washing it with warm water and dish soap. Chihuahuas are a little difficult to maintain when they are very young, but I’ve washed my puppy with dish soap plenty of times. My kitties too!!

  6. Pomerani

    You should of never taken a pup from a breeder, that’s lets you purchase them at 45 days old! They still need to be with their mother at this time! The breeder also, should of never sold him/her to you, if he had fleas! Not a responsible breeder!

  7. Evan's My Name

    Uh use some frontline or advantage, and keep it somewhere where it wont matter if they get flees on it.

  8. presouzK

    I did it for about 10 years when I had indoor outdoor kitties, now only indoor, so no need any more but it was a life savor!!
    How I got rid of fleas and bugs from my home
    You will need to get a simple bug/fly zapper; a friend or neighbor may already have one you can use. You can buy one that will cover a 3000 sq ft area of your house at an OSH or Home Dept type stores for as little as 20.00-30.00 dollars. Place the zapper on the FLOOR in a corner behind an end table so kids and pets won’t bother it. Remember, it is a piece of electrical equipment. You have to use caution in where you put it. Fleas will go to the light especially at night. When they hop in to the bug zapper you can actually hear little, zits, zits when the fleas are getting fried! Keep the carpet vacuumed daily until your flea problem is under control, this will help tremendously in getting the fleas eggs out of your home and carpet faster and break the flea egg cycle!! I am not responsible for misuse of the this item, I am telling you what I did with my zapper and it worked so well I wanted to share my success. Use full caution in placing your bug zapper to the safest place. It will work for months, even years; it will continue to kill bugs in your home as long as the light is on. The bulb can be replaced once it burns out. The light bulb can be purchased the same stores mentioned above. Here is a photo of the one I have always used.…

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