A stray cat had kittens under our house. They are at least 6 weeks old and are infested with fleas. They are bleeding very badly. I’m not bringing them in my house as I do not want my dog or house infested, but I feel horrible for them. I tried giving one a bath, but they are so covered I don’t even think it helped at all. Can I give them flea drops or put powder on them? Will it help any since they are staying outside?


  1. ♥Pretty♥ ♥Kitty♥

    I adopted a 4 week old kitten from a shelter and they put a bit of Advantage on her. She had fleas nearly as big as her! Let the vet do any defleaing or deworming (fleas will cause worms). He knows the right doseage. My vet recommended a bath in Dawn dishwashing liquid to get rid of fleas. Remove them from the den where they’re staying and treat it with flea killer. Don’t put them back for a day or so. If nothing else, get them to a no kill shelter. They will rehome them and take care of the health issues. Fleas like that will kill baby kittens if not treated. ♥

  2. campuska

    You can use Advantage on the kittens…use 1 drop per 1 1/2 pound of kitten…so only a couple of drops on each kitten. You can also place some cedar shavings where the kittens are to help control the bugs.

  3. joannadu

    Since they are so young you need to be careful what you use cause mom is still cleaning them.I’d try using a rug doused in flea powder try that or call and ask a vet what you can use. Bathe them in a very light flea dip solution.

  4. sivracio

    remove the kittens from under the house. put some flea foggers under the house and even some of the yard pellets for insects under there. then treat your entire property and give the kittens a good flea bath. also give them drops for worms and such diseases. then feed them well. and take them to a humane society or something like that. have heart.

  5. Lost in the Foreseen

    Get a kiddie pool and fill it with water, rubber gloves, and kitten flea bath and bathe them as soon as possible outside.
    If you do nothing then it’s their lives on your hands.
    Ask around town, I’m sure there is someone who will help you out.
    Call a vet or ASPCA.
    More than likely they got fleas from outside of YOUR house, so bomb under your home and inside. Take care of them asap!

  6. Gareth O

    If you want to keep them, I would ask a vet what you should do, (just advise, shouldnot cost anything).
    And do what the vet says.
    If you dont want to keep them, and they are not old enough to give away, then i still would say, to and ask your vet for advise.

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