My dog has got fleas, we have tried evreything but can’t seem to get red of them. Hope you can help.


  1. animal_m

    Get flea treatment such as stronghold from a vet. Petshop stuff is usually uneffective.
    If you are using a veterinary product and the dog still has them the eggs may be in your carpet. I recommend flea spraying your house and fully cleaning all carpets and furniture

  2. ET

    You can get rid of his fleas by bathing him good with a so called dip shampoo for fleas and ticks, but he/she will get them back quickly from he/she’s bed or even your house if he/she is inside at times. There are lots of flea powders and spray you need to get to rid them from all his encounters and especially his bed. Front line is what you need to keep them away thereafter and by the way you can use the flea powder or flea spray for the dreaded unspeakable CRABS and lice. lol If you by the ridx stuff you are buying the same ingredient but paying 3 times the price. Good Luck!!!!


    Flea powder, but you also need to treat carpets etc as the flea eggs will be left after you treat the dog,also get advice from the vet/ good luck.

  4. ipitchso

    Adams flea bath. Shaving the dog isn’t a bad idea, especially if its possible that the hair is matted. My sister had to shave a cat because of matted hair was giving the fleas a good hiding place. But after that I would use Revolution. It seems to be the best. Advantage is also pretty good. You can also get online coupons to get discounts to pake the purchase of Revolution less painfull.

  5. Pauline

    u can get the fleas powder, or fleas collar.
    Or you can try some shampoo or medication solution that can get rid of the fleas.

  6. delta

    Shampoo the dog with a good flea shampoo, use front line. Have everyone including animals leave the house for about eight hours. Set off a flea bomb in all rooms the dog spends time. Come home air out house by opening windows. Leave again for an hour. When you come home vacumn al rooms and furniture to pick up flea debri

  7. Razzle

    advanced spot on medication…just drop it on the back of your dogs neck and it helps kill them.
    maybe go to the vet and ask…maybe?

  8. hott_mod

    1.wash with flea shampoo then put on flea meds
    2. get shaved or groomed
    3. take to vet
    4. comb out
    5. get flea collar
    6. treat house very very good

  9. Chibi

    many people suggest dawn dish soap – a mild solution mixed with water should do the trick – then start your dog on a flea and tick preventative – flea collars are useless, don’t waste your money. If your dog is infested i suggest taking it to the vet for a quick dip. In the meantime, clean out the areas that your dog usually lay around – it is most likely that those areas will have fleas and flea eggs lingering around. especially if it is carpet. throwout any dog blankets that you don’t need and start fresh.

  10. diques10

    Skin So Soft bath oil from Avon is a good home remedy. something about the oiliness on the dog’s skin that the fleas can’t tolerate. (I wonder if baby oil would work but I have never tried it.) also, if you go to your local animal shelter they may sell you a single dose of Frontline for about $10. That is enough to do the trick sometimes. Call before you go.

  11. audio books

    You have to treat the dog with dog flea shampoo and treat the house. You havnt tried everything or else they would be gone. For every flea you see there are a thousand you cant see and for every minute you spend looking there will be another thousand.
    Frontline is available at the local petstore

  12. Yo LO! Aussie Grins

    Get either Advantix or Frontline from your vet and call in an exterminator to treat your home. Surefire way.

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