I’m getting a rottweiler soon hes like 6 months and we have a big fenced in backyard
I’m getting him for my granny she alone until i get from school and work from 7 am until 10 pm
for some people that say” What if he bites somebody” their in our yard to be bitten
how do i train him


  1. .:kaYLee

    take your dog to obidience training and all the people that you want your dog to be loyal to, they should come as well.
    you can also train your dog by making sure it is good around family and friends and that strangers on your property are not welcome
    just make sure he is very loyal to only the people you want him to be loyal to
    hope i helped:)

  2. PLS

    You might want to reconsider training a rottweiler to be a guard dog. Your granny’s homeowner’s insurance may be cancelled or the premium raised because of liability issues if you do. Take him to obedience classes and socialize him properly. He’s going to naturally be protective of his territory and doesn’t need to be made mean. If the dog is in the backyard all the time he’s not going to be much protection for granny. She’s in the house. She needs a dog in the house with her to really protect her.

  3. Greek God AKA Greekman

    You need to have the dog evaluated by a trainer who knows what he is doing in protection training.
    At 6 months he is still a baby and will not be ready for serious protection for another year to 18 months.
    Please do not listen to people that tell you a dog is not supposed to be a protection dog, they have no idea what they are talking about.
    Some people in here continue to give dangerous answers that have absolutely no basis on reality.
    In 30 years of training dogs for serious bite work I have never heard of a dog being trained in personal protection as against the law..ever!!
    A personal protection trained dog is the first line of defense in case of emergency and his job is to defend the home/owners against harm, by dying if need be.
    People need to grow up and realize that the truth about dogs is not based on fantasy or Disney, it is based on reality that may not at times be pretty, but, it is nonetheless real!!!
    No dog I have ever heard of was put to sleep because it defended its home or property from a would be assailant, ever.
    Hope I helped!!

  4. get back with girlfriend

    Socialize your dog to your family and friends. Bring them out to your yard and let them give the dog a treat. Have your family wear a sweater or t-shirt so their smell can be introduced to the dog be for them. It takes time and effort on your part to train a dog, if you don’t have the time, then don’t get it, it will be a big mistake. Get a muzzle for the dog and make him wear it until he knows who is a part of the “pack”. Never strike your dog, never hit your dog and never let someone else do it either. You should rethink getting a rotti, if your granny is frail, my granny was dragged by my fathers dog and broke her hip, pulled out her shoulder, she wasn’t strong enough to control him on a leash.

  5. Spanish mortgages

    You cant only professionals can a rottweiler is a natural guardian and will protect from strangers on its own if you push it too much the only thing it will attack is you why do you think you hear of rottweilers attacking their own owners because they are like you want a dog for a macho image and dont treat it with the respect it deserves so the dog attacks the owner,rottweilers are very intune with their surroundings if you try to make it do something which it does naturally with absoloutly no knowledge on dogs by the sound of you you will be asking for it.People like you should not own guardian breeds the poor dog is obviously going to go in incapable hands,you ask the person who your getting it off this same question and you will find any sane person will tell you to get lost.Get a life and stop giving breeds of dog a bad name its people like you that give them one in the first place.

  6. Patient Paws

    Actually, its ILLEGAL to have a dog trained to bite someone unless its in the K9 force.
    If your dog bites someone- regardless of where- it counts against the dog, and they can sue you for any number of reasons. Three bites, and the dog has to be put to sleep because its now considered a “dangerous dog”.
    Get your grandmother a more reliable and less law-suit prone protection system- like ADT.
    A dog can not be relied upon to know the difference between a stranger, friend, or family. A dog thats trained to bite someone that enters the yard will bite a child, man, woman or elderly- they have no filtering system.

  7. jammy

    I think you should train your dog to be a people-friendly dog. It will help your dog to develop his social skills. Although they have a stage that they feel so sensitive to their environment, it would still better to teach him to be more comfortable around people. A well-socialized dog may still be aggressive in some ways. However, socialization ensures your dog to interact with unfamiliar dogs and strangers confidently. For more training tips, please visit this site:http://dogtime.com/raising-people-friend…
    Good luck

  8. Alex S

    Don’t train him to be mean. First of all..he is going to be nice to the family unless you are mean to him, and hit him…but second of all if someone comes in your yard, you will be surprised how he knows already that person is not suppose to be their. By the way…NO ONE will go in a yard, or in a house with a mean looking dog. So don’t worry about that. But don’t hit him, and don’t make him an outside dog, and if you do, you don’t deserve to get him…..Trust me, their are more people out their that will turn you in if you mistreat him, or leave him outside chained up. So make sure you can treat him like a pet, not a like a guard dog.

  9. waitingt

    Take him to a professional training class that teaches dogs to be guard dogs. Whatever you do, DO NOT HIT YOUR DOG.

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