Personally yes it has, as I received some excellent advice from one of my contacts and have ordered a new collar for JJ. Time will tell if he appreciates it, I’m sure I will though.


  1. Ulva Child

    Not only my dog but myself as well.
    There is one contact of mine who pushed me in the right direction and I thank him for it. Most of what I know now has (in one way or another) been because of him… This time last year I really had no idea and would have told you a dog was a furry baby and must be treated like one.
    This time last year I would have told you how cruel you where for using a prong now I use one myself and try to educate people about this tool to the best of my ability.
    I also enjoy reading anything I can find on dog training and behavior..
    Even if I don’t agree with it I always have room to learn more.
    I think the best gift we can give to a dog is to allow them to be a dog. My dogs attitude towards myself has changed a great deal.

  2. Ingrid H

    A few years ago, I never would have been able to rehabilitate the dog I adopted and have now. Before The Dog Whisperer and all my research, I would have used human psychology on my dog when she used to freak out at rustling plastic bags. I would have coddled her and told her that everything was alright and I would have just reinforced her fear. Ignoring her when she freaked out and acting confidently when changing the trash bags made her realize there was nothing to fear.
    I learned how to teach recall from a DVD I purchased. Before I watched that DVD, I had absolutely no idea that the time to praise a dog for coming is not when it gets to you, but rather when it turns to come and all the way to you.
    Since I learned about “watch me” and began using it along with marker training (clicker training), my dog listens way better than she ever did.
    There’s lots more too, but those are a few examples.

  3. Ken

    Yes I use positive reward based training methods and they are the most reliable training methods I have ever seen. I am so pleased that people are no longer feeling they have to use choke chains and other harsh training methods in order to train their dogs. Thanks to the trainers who follow guidelines set by the APDT

  4. Ava

    Of course it has.
    Everything I know about training came from someone else, whether it be through talking to them, or reading, etc.
    Although, once you have the knowledge, it is up to you to enforce it with your dog. That is how both them, and I, am able to benefit from it.

  5. W.

    If the new collar is an electronic collar that shocks please remember it is simply a TOOL and not a fix to a problem.
    Hope this statement makes changes for the better too……
    Only proper and positive training can change unwanted behaviors.

  6. Miracle Pawsâ„¢

    Yes i to have got a lot of training methods from here.
    it does help and being a part time dog trainer,
    i to like to help others with the correct methods.
    but as Amanda mentioned its up to you to enforce the correct behavior.

  7. Sweet Fanny Adams

    For sure, but I do notice that as soon as you take your foot off the gas, they slip into their old behavior in no time. I have to stay on top of her all the time (and I consider her a good dog compared to others 😉

  8. Bob

    Personally I used an online training course and it worked wonders with my Saint Bernard. Check it out if you’re interested.

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