Is it worth the money? I mean they’re offering an 8-week program for $109.00 to teach your dog how to control his barking, attitude, his overall behavior, potty training, how to sit, stand, shut-up, etc.
Have you ever done one of these? Thanks.


  1. BoxerPit

    I recently looked into training and that seems a bit high. Call your local shelter (even if your dog isn’t adopted) and they can give you the name of their behaviorist/trainer. They most likely run classes and are extremely experienced if they are in charge of ‘checking the dogs out’ to make sure they can be adopted out.
    Usually their prices are comparable, if not cheaper, and you will get a better quality trainer than some of those petsmart trainers (4-6 weeks training for their employees is simply NOT enough to fully understand dog language)

  2. ScottieD

    I did 2 sets of classes at PetSmart with my fearful rescue. It really helped her. Honestly, the program really depends on the quality of the trainer and how much YOU are willing to put into it. You do have homework and need to work with your dog at home. Our trainer was wonderful. She had Scotties and showed Scotties, so she took a special interest in my dog and gave me a lot of one-on-one help. I had a wonderful experience.
    I will be taking my new girl to a PetSmart training class once she recovers from her spay surgery. I believe you can re-take the class if you are not satisfied.

  3. 3dpainth

    I have taken three of my dogs to PetsMart and had a great experience. My dogs had a lot of fun while they were learning and looked forward to school every week. Cookies were involved so that might have had something to do with it. It was well worth it to me.

  4. Versatile Australian Shepherds

    I’m not sure, I would go to a local Kennel Club or independant training school before heading there.

  5. cindy s

    If you have a purebred Aussie, you really need to study up on what these dogs need. They are very intelligent and learn quickly. Yes, you definately need some sort of beginning trainer for the basics, but once you have those down, you need to find a local Australian Shepherd Club or just do your own research to find out about agility training, or some sort of exercise program because you will have a miserable dog that will make your life miserable of they don’t have something to focus on to keep their interests peaked. My one Aussie loves to do search work. You can do this in your home by just taking one of their favorite toys and hiding it and helping them find it and then make a big deal about it. It’s fun for all and keeps them interested. I have another one that loves to swim and play soccer with me. So, just keep them busy and exercised and they will be your “velcro” dog for life. Good Luck and you’ll never have a better companion!

  6. Chris

    I am now on my 2nd class with my puppy at Petsmart. He had a lot of bad habits but now am enjoying Willy because Petsmart has showed me ways to resolve these and taught ME the importance of being consistent with commands.

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