I’m just looking for some positive or negative feedback if anyone has ever ordered his course. my sis is an on call (almost all the time) paramedic and needs to be able to train her dogs from home. any other suggestions would be great! Thanks


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    Training Parrots and Parrot Training TipsMy name is Chet Womach, and 5 years ago, I owned 2 wild, untrained parrots, “Tiko” and “Linus.” I had tried just about every parrot training book and video …
    if this is same person he trains birds????
    watch dog borstal its on in uk bbc3 and its great my dog is much better behaved.the trainer is called mick martin dont know if he does a dvd but he is police and army dog trainer so knows his stuff

  2. Gail H

    I have never heard of him….You cannot train a dog if your not home. They learn from voice and or hand signals. If they are trained at home they won’t forget the training if repeated for a few minutes on a daily basis.

  3. Maggie MercuryMorrisonTownshend

    I have never heard about him. Maybe you should check into your local community centers, they usually have dog classes. If they are puppies take them to puppy kindergarden, they worked out well for my dog, once pup.

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