I was searching on-line and found this site where people state household hint, I have 6, 7 week old kittens and the momma and these poor babies are infested with fleas, and of course my house is also, These people said that 20 mule team borax and table salt sprinkled on the rugs and bedding will kill the fleas, Have you, guys ever heard of this? And does it really work? And Will the borax or salt hurt my pets?
Also putting a flea collar in the vacuum cleaner bag will kill the fleas you vacuum up, is this true?
I will try anything, I do not want to use those nasty pesticides,


  1. Zoozy

    The babies are too young for a flea spot treatment but a mild flea shampoo will do the the trick. Follow the directions carefully. Make sure to soap up the area around the eyes, mouth, ears and private parts first. See if you can find one that is tearless. The fleas will make a mad dash for those areas. Wash the momma too but be careful around the nipples cause they can be tender from the milking. Be sure that all the soap comes off the kitties and the water runs clear. Rub them down with towels to get rid of most of the water. Momma cat will lick the rest dry. Move them to a safe warm location like the bathroom for a few days. Get a good flea spray and spray the heck out of the rugs, furniture, curtains basically anything fabric. Wash all bedding and clothes in hot water if you can. Don’t forget to spray the bottoms and sides of all furniture (flip that couch over). If you are able to move the kitties to another house for a few days stay you could even invest in a few flea bombs which will really clean up the problem but you will have to literally wash everything in the house afterwards (all clothes, bedding, dishes, pots, pans, silverware). Buy a flea comb and comb out the kitties for any dead fleas. In a few days you’ll also be able to see with the comb if any more have hatched and are alive. Follow the directions on the shampoo. You may have to do it all over again in a week or so. If the fleas aren’t gotten rid of soon they can literally bleed a kitten dry. The kittens will suffer and die. Vacuum alot and throw away the vacuum bag out of the house. Flea collars are useless, a waste of money and can be toxic as well. Good luck.

  2. kutchiek

    O.k. so youneed help getting ride of flaes in your home and off your pets, o.k.. Do this it works and is compleatly safe for you a child and baby animals too! First of all those losey flae collars really don’t work very well, but if you cann afford the Addvantage it works really well but is really coastly. So this is what I did wash your cats all in Dawn liquid dish soap really well and allow the soap to sit on them for a few minutes, then rise really well, and just watch all those nasty flaes just start falling off your cats. Now you’ve salved half you problems, now comes the house, vacum real well then place a large bowl of hot water in the middle of your living area, with of corse Dawn dish soap again with pleanty of suds. For some reason after twentyfour hours after you place the bowl on the floor there will be a ton of flaes dead in the water. For some reason flaes like Dawn dish soap and are drawn to it, so when they jump into the bowl of course they will drown. Then if possable steam clean as soon as possable because flaes will lay there eggs on your pets hair but unlike head lice they don’t stay in the hair, flae eggs will simply fall out and stay right in your carpets and furniture so steamcleaning will clear the eggs right up. Oh yeah just look at the water from the steam cleaner to see the resalts. Good luck hope this works for you like it did for me.


    It may do but Frontline is the best. If you do not wan’t to visit the vets. buy it on line good luck. We had 7cats once and not a flea thanks to Frontline. lol

  4. that one guy

    The flea collar in the vacuum will not work. Flea collars in general are a waste of money.
    i would research the borax more but the salt would do no more than irritate their skin if anything.
    The behind the neck treatments are the absolute best though. Such as Frontline, Revolution. The hartz stuff has never worked for any animal I have seen though.

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