I always wanted a dog that can protect me and I saw this training and I think it is great. Here is a video check it out and tell me what you think because I want to train my dog to do it.http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=…
Also, I was wondering if anyone can tell me what that thing was around his waist?


  1. greekman

    DP is the only person here who has it right. That is the LEGENDARY A’tim and his owner and he is being trained/tested for his koerung. The dog on the video is one of the most, if not the most highly titled dogs in NVBK. National champion, Grand Prix champion, etc. His progeny is doing great in the sport as well. Contrary to some other answers here, the dog LOVES what he is doing and he does not become antisocial because of it. A’Tim was never very social to begin with. He is a REAL dog, with real life protection skills that you do not have to be a police officer to need.
    NVBK is a National pass time in Belgium where there are clubs that train 3-4 nights a week and it is considered a family activity.
    The band around his waist is an Electric collar that is used for corrections. Usually NVBK dogs train with 2-3 of them on at the same time due to the hardness of the dog.
    If you are interested in this type of training I suggest that you find a club and join. It is the hardest dog training in the world, taking 3 years before you can take a dog to competition, so be ready to train a lot. I hope this helped.
    ADD: Shepherdgirl is correct in her answer, as usual. REALITY says that 98% of dogs need training to be able to do real life protection.

  2. nattiej1

    Reality is if you have a dog that you have built up a good relationship with, it will protect you and your home without any formal training, it is what dogs do, and has been a long term history in the relationship between human and dog.

  3. a gal and her dog

    I haven’t seen it before, but it does look really interesting, especially after reading Greekman’s post. Definitely do not try this at home, though, without a professional.

  4. Against the

    Do you work for law enforcement, or do you want to be in jail… That somewhat looked like a cruel training method to me for a normal person… I could understand if your training your dog to take down a fleeing criminal or drug dealer…. But thus i think you would be in some serious crappola if your dog attacked someone like that. Your dog can still protect you as you want, most dogs of any size has problems with strangers entering the home and so on. And im not to fond of the hitting of the dog in the video, that is just going to egg it on more and make it more violent of a attack.. What about if you had a child around and it triggered something in the dog, and well you no what could happen>< I say unless your in a postion where you need a dog trained that way (like law enforcement, hunting large game) or soemthing along them lines look into a different method....

  5. Shepherdgirl §

    That is NVBK and it is real life training, not at all like Schutzhund, where the sleeve is the game. If you have a dog with the right temperament and a club or people to help you, go for it.
    To Shanna, you are wrong many people keep schutzhund dogs as family pets. Schutzhund is a sport just like agility and dogs that participate in schutzhund probably make better pets because they have good temperaments and are trained very well in obedience. Dogs do not only work in protection but in obedience and tracking, as well. Schutzhund started out as a test to determine whether or not the dog was breed worthy and temperament is very important.
    BTW, the thing around the dog’s waist was an e-collar.

  6. horde leveling guide

    This is a Schutzund type training method and it is not recommended on family pets. It makes them dangerous if you are not used to handling animals that have this type of training. Retired police dogs cannot legally be owned by the general public for this very reason.
    Unless you are willing to invest large amounts of time training yourself as well as yout dog, it is not a good idea.
    Sorry, I was confusing Schutzhund with attack training. It is attack training that I would not recommend. I have now been more educated about Schutzhund – thank you DP and Shepherd Girl!!

  7. Green Weasle

    Training a protection dog is very hard to do, you’ll need to get a professional to train him with you. Before you train for protection you’ll also need to make sure that your dog is already really well trained in obedience and listens to you very well so you can call the dog off. As for the method in the tape I think it’s a demonstration of how the dog is well trained.
    Either way, you’ll need to hire a professional.

  8. missy

    It is a form of protection sport. there are other similar sports as well. They do not make your house pet dangerous. i have 2 dogs that participate and are wonderful. If you are interested, find a schutzhund or protection dog trainer in or around your area and just request you’d like you’re house pet to be a house pet,but be able to protect you if needed. you DON’T need an all out schuzhund dog to protect you. remember,all schutzhund dogs have taken obedience,advanced off-leash obedience and there BH (behaviour and temperament test) before being accepted into schutzhund level 1. (there are 3 levels)So you defiantly need to work on the basics be4 you accel in protection. 🙂 have fun. p.s the thing around his waste is an electric collar to correct him if he disobeys, remember, he is off-leash and you need an optional way to correct,especially in bite work.

  9. DP

    That’s not Schutzhund.. The dogs in Schutzhund can only target the sleeve. That’s a Belgian Malinois and Ring sport. NVBK. You have to find a club in your area.
    Or talk to Greekman.. I believe that’s what he’s into..
    Shanna : Schutzhund doesn’t make does unable to be good family pets.. Quite the opposite actually. Schutzhund consists of Obedience, Tracking and bitework. Dogs are taught to target the sleeve.. They are not just allowed to run off and be biting people anywhere at all. When we were training w/ our club, there were always kids all over the place. I could easily do bite work and hand my dog off to any of the kids there without worry.. I would trust a dog trained in Schutzhund over a dog in any home situation. He is controlled and has obedience.. He knows what he is allowed to do.. The normal dog is making decisions on his own and isn’t nearly as trustworthy.
    Schutzhund is in no way protection work, it is a sport.
    A club won’t even accept your dog for training unless it’s evaluated and shown to have an off switch.

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