1. Dede J

    Re: I finally got my neighbors dogs to stop barking
    I used to have a problem with my neighbors dogs that would constantly bark day and night. At first I thought it would stop but it went on day after day. I finally confronted my neighbor about the problem and he said that he would try to do something about it.
    I work very long hours and try to get as much sleep as possible but I am constantly awakened by the barking dog many times during the night. You cannot imagine how frustrating this is unless you have been in this situation.
    I finally ended up going on the internet to research my problem and I am so glad that I did. I ended up buying a compact disc from a website. You play the disc and it actually stops the dogs from barking. I put the disc in, pointed the speakers towards the dogs, and nearly fell out of my chair when it actually worked!!! This was the best money that I have ever spent and I am so happy.
    I have not had a problem in 3 weeks. Did the disc actually work? Who cares, the freaking dogs stopped barking. If you want to check it out, it might be worth a try if nothing else works for you. The website is It has a money back guarantee but I am pretty satisfied and wont be needing it. Good luck, I hope this helps.

  2. Truth Hurts, Doesn't It?

    If you can learn to time yourself to set it off at the right times, and it’s backed up with positive re-enforcement then yes, they do work on most dogs.
    I bought a mini ultrasonic device (handheld) and it works in most cases – it doesn’t STOP the dog from barking but it adds an uncomfortable level of noise so that the dog stops on it’s own (this is where you re-enforce the stop with a treat or reward.)
    It does NOT work on some dogs and it takes a while for the dog to understand that the noise happens when they bark, and goes away when they stop. It can also be used as an attention getter, which is how i use it. If my dog becomes focused on something other than ME i let out a short blast and reward her for paying attention to me.
    I wouldn’t rely completely on the product. Try more exercise, obedience training, and giving new toys to play with in addition to the device. The only other collar that effectively helps reduce or stop barking (according to my dog’s trainer) is the citronella spray collar.
    Oh, the devices that go off when the dog barks don’t work well at all – they can go off to other sounds. The best kind are the ones you can trigger yourself.

  3. wonderta

    It depends on your dogs personality and how persistant it is but I know a dog down the street that has the collar and after the first bark he shuts up.

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