Has anyone trained a dog from a book or a video on search and rescue? If so, what book or video?
I have spent the past few weeks working with one of my dogs on tracking different scents over complex terrain with fascinating success. She seems to really take to it. I am not aware of a training center in my area that does this type of training. Plus, as a full time student myself, I do not have the extra funds to send her for training.
Any assistance will be appreciated.


  1. ♀Ünicandy♀ - There goes my Heart

    Why not try looking on the net for other groups in your area? Research which service covers your area as their search area and ask to speak to one of their handlers. They should only be too happy to give you some advice. A lot of places take volunteers onto their team too, so you wouldn’t pay to train. Ignore the advice given by Jessica….
    Hahaha! Jessica, at 16 you cannot be a police dog trainer, a search and rescue trainer, a vet and god knows what else you are claiming to be!!

  2. Jessica P

    yes i m becoming a dog trainer for st. bernards at rescue if u want to enhance his training then take him near a park hide certain objects around let him sniff then let go.
    hope this helps

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