My Dog has a fear based aggression problem and i was wondering if anyone had purchased Ceaser Millan’s online lesson? And if they worked?


  1. ξBindi§

    Cesar is the last thing a fearful dog needs.
    Find a behaviorist, you can look for one here
    Also the following books will help you
    Scaredy Dog by Ali Brown
    Click to Calm by Emma Parson
    Control Unleashed by Leslie McDevitt.
    Control Unleashed is sort of aimed at agility dogs, but there are so many great techniques in the book that help with fear issues as well.

  2. Best Metal Bands

    Since I’m NOT a gullible amateur,falling for every bit of bilge-water being spewed on-line…of course not.
    NOT that his methods are “wrong” or “bad”…they AREN’T(he’s just latest in a HUNDREDS-of-years-long list of fad-trainers)…but it’s simply impossible for for a soft-headed civilian to learn ANYTHING on-line! Especially how to manage a DANGEROUS animal.
    Ditto for ANY/EVERY book & gimmick!

  3. Leahnora

    His show is great (it’s one of my favorites Even the dog watches Sometimes !!!!
    So the dog course should work but I can’t see paying the amount they want for the course when you can watch the show

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