For when they’re doing something bad?
Does it work?


  1. Loki my springer!

    I have seen a dog whistle used very effectively. However not as punishment. It wouldn’t work in such way. The whistle is used to teach a dog a command so you would only be teaching your dog to bite your leg at the sound of the high pitched instrument.
    Not such a good idea if you understand where this will lead..
    Instead of this idea, have you considered the ignoring method? When your dog bites at your leg, stop walking, fold your arms and turn your head to the side. Not only is this ignoring your dog, it is also telling him to stop before you bite back. Growling and yelping will only bring you down to his level, it’s time to become the alpha dog.

  2. princess

    I haven’t but a trainer I worked with didn’t approve of them. I understand it’s painful to the dog.
    And thinking ahead, if the dog only responds when you use the whistle, what do you do if you suddenly need to control the dog and you don’t have the whistle with you?
    Just my opinion but I guess I’d prefer to rely on basics.

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