I want to know before I buy any of this product. I have never had a flea problem with my dogs before, but this year the fleas have been out of control. I use Frontline plus once a month on the dogs and I have also been treating my house and yard for fleas with seven dust and the fleas seem to be having a party on the poisons. I recently heard that Diatomaceous earth kills fleas with out harm to the earth and animals and humans. But I don’t want to buy something that does not work.


  1. Ashley

    yes and i love it. I have a 2 yr old and i have to be careful with pesticides, but not DE. I put it everywhere, you can even put it in your carpet if you have to. Also feed some to your dog mixed with dog food, it will deworm them and give them a pretty coat. its good for any bugs. But be sure to get FOOD GRADE. you can find it in most plant nurseries

  2. Kerie K

    It works really well because it pierces through the flea shell/skin and causes them to dehydrate and die very quickly. I have used it for ants and fleas, and it is by far the most effective natural product I have ever used. Diatomaceous earth is very inexpensive compared to other remedies.

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