I attended the puppy classes with my first dog at Petsmart & found they were pretty good. I had never had a dog as adult before, and wasn’t sure about basic training – so it was very helpful for me & my pooch. With a lot of time & consistency, she ended up to be a very well behaved dog – and makes me very proud. If you do attend the classes with your dog, be aware that you will need to continue the training as part of your lifestyle with him/her. Consistency is the key! Good luck 🙂


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    The results were good, but you need to practice everything you learn with your dog everyday. Even if you don’t practice, it is still good to take your puppy, that way he can get used to being around other dogs and people.

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    I agree that you will have to put alot of time into it at home. Personally, I took mine and thought I should have just got a book on how to train them alot cheaper. You go for an hour they demonstrate how to do it observe you doing it around the store give you paper that explains what she demonstrated and sends you home. If you have the extra money it isn’t bad but I think I learned just as much from watching its me or the dog on animal planet than my puppy lessons. I just wanted to learn the basics of sit stay walking on leash etc.

  3. skating princess

    I have had mixed results in training my dogs at Petsmart. Since they train in the store, there are more distractions to keep your dog from learning. Most of their trainers are good and caring and understand what it takes to make the pets feel comfortable

  4. Running Man

    yeah the classes are good they but you do have to work on it ever day but they give you a lot of notes so you can always look back at them if you need to.

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