I just adopted a rescue dog. He kind of just fell into my lap and I have no idea what I am doing. He is a great dog and is picking up on being a house dog really well. He is very smart but after teaching him to sit I have no Idea how to teach him anything else. He has a few minor behavior problems (leash pulling) that I would like to correct and I need a method to stick to and be consistent with. Any advice would be great. Thanks


  1. Desoto

    Cesar Millans methods are VERY outdated and should not be used by anyone. They work well for him because he has been working with dogs for years, for the average owner they would be ineffective at best, detrimental at worst.For example if I used his training methods on a sensitive dog, or sensitive dog breed such as my border collies, they would completely shut down and become totally unresponsive to my training. They dont respond to the pack leader mentality. They where bred to work side by side with their owners its completely unnatural for them to be dominated by its ‘shepherd’. They want to work with you not for you. Keep in mind there is also a ton of editing done for television shows and nothing is as instantaneous as they appear on t.v.
    Pretty well all modern dog trainers utilize positive training methods, whether that be treat/lure training, clicker training, or using praise, play, or toys as rewards. The dog learns that yes it has to obey you, but it is motivated to do so because it is beneficail to them. A relationship based on fear of what will happen if they dont obey is not enjoyable, or safe. Sign up for an obedience class, lots of shelters offer them at discounted rates to adoptive dog parents

  2. Sarah V

    If you want to look to a TV personality for training tips – look more toward Victoria on “It’s me or the Dog”. I successfully trained both of my dogs using her technics – which entail positive reinforcement, consistency, and plenty of food treats. I think Cesar Milan is a very unique individual and that maybe there is a place for his “dominance” technics – but for the typical house pet it is just not necessary.

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    His methods are applied to extreme behavior problems not everyday training. He is also a very controlled person and does not get impatient and reactive. That is an exceptional skill that new time dog owners will NOT have!!! Do not attempt to copy his skills, you will get frustrated and hurt your dog!!! I actually like Victoria Stillwell very much if you want a video instruction guide to training.

  4. allycmw

    I think you’d be better off enlisting the help of a good trainer or behaviourist rather than attempting to use Cesar’s techniques yourself (especially since the disclaimer on his show states that you should consult a professional). He is an entertainer as well as a trainer, and he works on dogs with extreme behavioural issues. I think you just need someone who can help you with basic obedience.

  5. azh25

    We had severe fear aggression with my 115 lb shepherd. Cesar methods were not only a miserable failure, it increased his aggression. Go to clickertraining.com and clickersolutions.com for sound advise that really works.

  6. Tony'sBY

    Cesars “methods” are the most basic ones and they do work..only if you can live with yourself.
    Think about principles, not the “methods”.

  7. Rayven~Summer Troll Patrol

    There are better methods than that actors. Sign your dog up for obedience classes since they are both for the dog AND the owner.

  8. minaussi

    Great for you for adopting a homeless dog!! It sounds like you really lucked out, too – a good dog found you, and you found him. 🙂
    I used to think Cesar’s methods seemed great, Until we adopted a puppy-mill rescue from a local foster agency in December 2007, and have had our eyes opened by what REALLY works. (Not Cesar’s old-style dominance training, but instead Positive-Reinforcement methods.)
    Best advice is to buy/rent a copy of the book, “The Other End of the Leash” by Dr. Patricia McConnell — it helped me understand how dogs really think, and how to work with them. On TV, look for “It’s Me Or the Dog”, on Animal Planet — the trainer Victoria Stilwell follows only PR methods.
    And also check your local yellow pages or internet for dog clubs; they offer some great, inexpensive training classes that can be fun to take with your dog. Make sure they follow PR training, not “dominance.” (I did basic obedience with my rescued dog, and now am in my 4th dog-agility class. It’s challenging but so rewarding, working with your dog in classes).
    Good luck and have fun getting to be team with your new dog!

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