I am thinking of buying a dog from battersea, i have asked several questions about them on Y.A.
but i didnt seem to get the right tips bout my question!


  1. Provillus

    Danny is a brindle staff bull terrier, read about him here
    there are many others like him in a similar situation..homeless!! ..
    so i have the upmost respect for anyone who is willing to give a dog a chance!
    If you are looking to adopt a dog, i can guarantee that if you visit Battersea dogs home, you wont come out of the place alone!
    The staff at Battersea will be able to tell you all about the temperament of any dog before you commit both heart and money, and they will also provide you with ongoing help and advice after youve taken your little companion home.
    I wish you the best of luck in whatever you decide

  2. ♀Ünicandy♀ - There goes my Heart

    You havent said what “tips about Battersea” you are looking for?!
    Are they a good rescue? – Yes
    Do they have lots of dogs? – Yes
    Will they take the time with me to make sure the dog is right for me? – Yes
    Will they check your home enviroment? – Yes (a lot of people dont like that but hey, you wouldnt send a kid to be adopted into a house you’ve never seen would you?!)
    So what tips are you loking for then?!

  3. Nancy M

    You got the right tips, you simply chose to ignore them.
    You don’t need to be getting a dog if you can’t even get information about one place…. the dog would likely outsmart you.

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