Well i have 2 yr old shepard, chow , collie mix. So he’s big, smart, athletic and easily bored. I feel i need to give him a task or a challenge but living in the suburbs their is a shortage of herds to wrangle.
so i was wondering about getting him into agility training or something like it , but have no clue as to where or how to start. If anyone has some tips, sites, or suggestions on similar things that would be great.


  1. Shadow's Melon

    I was in the same boat last summer. I wanted to find an agility trainer, but nothing listed in the local yellow pages in my area. So I did some research and found out there was a local Agility Club. I contacted them and asked for recommendations on trainers. Since my Border Collie was just a pup at the time, I couldn’t really persue proper agility training for a while, so I got into a confirmation obedience class. Obedience training is really good to have down when you do get to agility, or while you’re working on agility. My breed gets bored easily too, but I have found that even tho we’ve not begun agility yet, the daily work on Obedience has really helped with that. It gives her something to focus on.
    So search the net for your area and see if you can find an Agility Club. Contact them and they will be able to put you in the direction of some trainers (I’m sure some members will be).
    Good Luck finding a trainer… it’s such a fun sport and I can’t wait to start my classes with my Border Collie soon!

  2. DogLover

    yes,it is difficult to start ,i have the same experience with you ,but at last i find a gorgeous book that help me to train my labs ,and i no longer need to send them to the clubs,.
    You’ll get everything you need to know about puppy and dog training in some quick, no-nonsense, get-to-the-point-fast lessons.
    that is http://dogstraining.info , i recommend it for you,
    hope you like!

  3. walking lady

    Contact local all breed clubs, check in the yellow pages of the phone book, look at postings at your vet’s office, you should be able to find agility training advertised. And yes, it sounds like it would be great fun for you and your dog!

  4. WP Robot Wordpress Autoposter

    Start with a Basic Obedience course at your local training school. You will have to go on to an advanced course because the dog must be off leash controlled in order to participate in any of the other training classes that are available.
    I love agility it’s fast and competitive and fun for both the dog and the owner. There are also lots of competitions around.
    What ever training school you go to (make it a better one as opposed to the pet store types) the trainers will be able to direct you to a good trainer in whatever activity you choose to pursue.

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