I was wondering does annyone know any home remedies to help get rid of a puppie’s fleas?
i can’t take it to a vet because my mommy doesn’t want
to drive it since it’s extremely far from my house
and i don’t think that i can afford it.
and i’m scared to use those chemical stuff at the stores
because my puppy is still sort of young..
so yeah..
help please.


  1. clipstal

    If you live near grass, your dog is exposed to fleas. And while fleas have always been considered an itchy nuisance there is more danger to your dogs from fleas than just the irritation.
    Some dogs are allergic to flea bites and dogs can get tape worms from ingesting the fleas that they might ingest when they are using their mouths to scratch.
    If you happen to have an immediate problem, then there are a few things you need to do.
    The first thing to do if your dog has been exposed to a large number of fleas is to bathe the dog thus drowning the fleas. If you don’t have flea shampoo on hand you then don’t worry about it, hot soapy water does a good job of getting rid of the fleas on the dog at the moment.
    If bathing isn’t possible, you can make up Lemon Skin Tonic. Lemons are very good for the skin and contain limonene which is not only a great repellent, but actually dissolves the flea’s waxy coating, causing dehydration and death of the flea. Press on “Lemon Skin Tonic Recipe” below for directions.
    You can also make your own herbal flea powder. This is an effective discouragement to fleas returning to your dog. Press on “Herbal Flea Powder Recipe” below for directions.
    Herbal Flea Powder Recipe: http://baloghshih-tzus.com/fleapowder.ht…
    Lemon Skin Tonic Recipe:http://baloghshih-tzus.com/skintonic.htm…

  2. dawnsmys

    Get some tea tree oil mix it with some dog shampoo and wash your puppy keep away from eyes… after you have washed and rinsed your puppy you can comb the bugs out and get any eggs and such.. if the pup has them real bad you might need to Wash him twice letting the shampoo sit on him for no longer then 10 mins at a time.
    then you can take 2 cap full of the tea tree oil (walmart $5.00)
    mix in a spray bottle with water and you can spray daily.. helps keep flys gnats and ticks and fleas off. Can spry bedding and surrounding area too!
    You can find the Tea tree oil at walmart by the bandages in a small brown bottle.
    Hope this helps

  3. goldwing

    wash the dog in mild soap water…dilute diswashing soap 10 to 1 with water…leave this on the dog for a full 10-15 minutes…all living fleas will be killed. Repeat every three days for two weeks..all eggs will have hatched and the babies will be killed (drown). But you need to get rid of the source of the fleas…yard, wild animals, birds, etc..spray the yard with insecticides. IF you think you have fleas in your carpet, you may have to set off some flea bombs.

  4. timmy_sm

    You can get a 3month puppy formula at WalMart for less than $9.00. It works as well as the expensive stuff, and is very good.

  5. Freedom

    There are indeed home remedies that work. However, you still have to buy the stuff! We got rid of fleas last year using Mule team borax on the carpet. Sprinkle it on and let it stay there for a couple of hours an vacuum. We treated the dog with eucalyptus oil and a flea comb. No more fleas!
    DO NOT use any flea or tick products that you can buy at a local store. If you are going to buy something specifically for fleas, get it from the vet. Do some research on line for the ‘adverse reactions to flea and tick topical’ and after a few minutes of reading you ‘should’ be convinced that El-cheapo at WalMart or the dollar store is a bad idea!

  6. eragon

    use ivory soft soap kills fleas right on the spot and it does not harm animals you only need to use very little.

  7. **Christ

    Nope, It’s really far from you, your just plain lazy. They sell them at Wal-Mart, Pets-co, PetSmart, and ever at the Dollar Store. Dork!

  8. mortgage rates in Spain

    If the pup is twelve weeks old, you can put a flea collar on. The only other way to help rid some of the fleas, is to bathe the dog, the fleas will drop off. It’s important to either get a flea collar, or treat the dog with Frontline, or Advantage. Fleas infestation can cause the dog many health problems, the dog could be allergic to fleas, and then it’s skin gets sores, the dog is constantly scratching because it is so itchy, and the dog is just not happy. If your mommy doesn’t want to help you care for the dog, then maybe your family shouldn’t have one.

  9. Vet Tech ♥'s Christmas!

    Unfortunately, there are no home remedy’s that are effective in treating fleas. Your best bet is to purchase Frontline and apply it once monthly to your pets. Apply canine Frontline on the back of the neck so your dog cannot ingest it.
    Flea collars only work an inch above and an inch below the collar. So, I would advise against that.
    And PLEASE do NOT purchase any topspots (Frontline, Advantix) anywhere like Walmart. The medication is not made in the United States and does NOT work! Trust me!!!!
    Not to be harsh, but you should not have brought a puppy into your life if you can’t even afford monthly flea/tick prevention. Dogs are expensive. If you can’t afford the necessities, then getting a puppy was a bad idea.
    If you do decided to purchase Frontline please don’t apply it on a puppy younger than 8 weeks. If your puppy is younger than 8 weeks you need to contact your vet.
    Good luck and hope this helps!

  10. Kelsey

    I have found that with the new puppies, the safest most effective way to get rid of fleas, is by using Dawn dish liquid. The first time I used it, there was a TON of fleas that died instantly. Of course, there were a few that stayed around. But I would wait a day or two, and wash them again in the Dawn if the problem persists. Make sure that when you wash them in the Dawn, to wash in the main problem areas I.E. behind ears and in the puppy’s “armpits”. And basically give them a puppy massage in this liquid for a few mins, and your problem will be resolved! 🙂 Good luck!

  11. tahlia

    we have a litter of pups that are 3 weeks old,
    they have bad fleas.
    there too young to put any chemicals on,
    they dont sell dawn dishwashing liquid in aus.

    what else can we use?!?!?!

    please help.

    there starting to loose there hair ):

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