Are there effective natural first aid remedies available for dogs? Yes there are.

UMF manuka honey – ever gaining in popularity for its effectiveness on people – also makes a great natural first aid treatment for dogs and other animals.

Cuts, scratches, wounds, all things that horses tend to get from time to time. On humans there has been a growing amount of research, university, clinical and anecdotal, of how UMF manuka honey is effective in treating infected wounds, making them sterile, and aiding healing. The same natural antibacterial properties it contains can also have a positive impact on animals. At The New Zealand Honey Shop we are seeing a growing number of customers purchasing this honey for use on wounds on their dogs, and horses.

What is UMF Manuka Honey?
A unique honey from New Zealand that research shows has extra antibacterial properties. There are now specialist sterilised versions of it aimed at external wound use. Main attributes include providing antibacterial barrier protection, a moist wound healing environment, osmotic action resulting in odour control and reduction in wound fluid, and helping with growth of new tissue.

Are there any problems with using honey on an animal? Well, there is a downside – it’s sticky – but if you can deal with that minor aspect, then this is a great natural remedy that actually has some proper research supporting it.

It is important to remember not all manuka honey is the same, as a naturally occurring product, it does come with natural variation. The UMF trademark is there for consumer protection for them to know they are getting honey that has been properly tested and measured for its antibacterial property.

After applying the honey to a wound on your dog (or horse etc), it is best to place a dressing over top of it (try to find as non-absorbent a dressing as possible – so as not to soak too much honey away from the wound). This is mostly to stop your pet, or another animal, from licking the honey off. But don’t worry if they do still end up licking it – unlike some other products there are no chemicals or other things in it, it is still just pure honey.

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