My bunny is basically white with some spoldges around his eyes, ears, and back. I think he might have some sort of thing bothering him and I want to know how to check if he has fleas or ticks or stuff in his fur? I thnk it may be from outside in his run.


  1. mycourag

    Regular grooming is essential for bunnies; when brushing him, check his fur very carefully, and see if you find anything along the lines of such pests. I do know one thing, if the insides of his ears are red and crusty, then it’s definitely a case of ear mites.
    But again, give him a good brushing, exam his coat very carefully while you brush to see if you find anything along the lines of mites, fleas, ticks, etc; I’m sure if that’s the case, a bunny specialist can provide you with essential removal care (I say “specialist”, because most vets only treat dogs and cats, you have to find a vet that has doctors that specialize in small and “exotic” animals to see your bunny).

  2. Rabbit Lover AAF

    I would take him to the vet. Mites can lead to head-tilt which can cause temporary paralysis of the back legs. Fleas can carry myxomatosis which if he isn’t vaccinated against is fatal. Ticks can eat into the skin causing much pain and distress to your rabbit.
    A trip to the vets can rid him of whatever is bothering him!

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