Well, a lady down my block was selling some black Lab pups and we got one. He kind of has a lot of fleas but not too much for his size. I wanted to know what are some ways of getting rid of his fleas and a tiny bit of tics. Also, I wanted to know if those flea and tick collars really work on dogs and if they do, is (i think it’s called) Hertz a good brand for my puppy.


  1. Trixie

    Garlic powder on thier food is a natural remedy. I put a little Extra Virgin Olive Oil and sprinkle garlic powder on my min pins food and that is all I use. Also check and make sure your yard is not infested with fleas and you should be okay. Clean the pup up and try the natural remedy or frontline is great too.

  2. luvmyhub

    Talk to a vet, how old is the pup ? Depending on the age, frontline plus or advantix. the collars do nothing in my opinion

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    Do NOT use Hartz products (see http://www.hartzvictims.org ). I would recommend getting some Frontline or K9 Advantage from the vet. You also need to take your puppy in to get his first shots. If you have $$ problems, contact your local Humane Society to see if they can help. They will fix pups and kittens at very young ages too. You want to get your dog fixed as soon as possible. Good luck. 🙂

  4. Kaycie

    You can take him to the vet to have a flea bath to get started. In my experience, the flea collars haven’t worked that well, but medicines you can get from the vet (Frontline or Advantage) have worked great for us.

  5. alara_ba

    Well, my dog had the same problem before. But we use a medicine called Frontline and sometimes the flea color.

  6. I Love my Baby Girl

    NO those are crap, never waste your money on a flea collar. I’m not sure how old the dog has to be but frontline plus is expensive but the best. i have wasted tons of money on those flea products that say they work but don’t.

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    Call a vet and ask if they are old enough for front-line or advantix, it truly is the best. The collars don’t work well. Before applying the meds give him a flea bath with just OTC puppy shampoo. It will help him be at ease if you get in the tub with him, don’t worry it wont hurt you. As soon as he dries put the meds on him. Then vacuum really well and clean everything including your liens. That way you and your family don’t get the fleas or tics.

  8. Pink914

    Well actually, I had the same problem with my yorkie. He had alot of thicks and I didn’t know where they were coming from. So, I hand picked the ticks from him ( I found like 12 ) and i knew he had to have more so i then took him to the vet. They had a lab shampoo which they don’t sell in stores. They bathed him and hand picked some more. Afterwards, I took him to the groomer and they cut some of his hair off to make it easier for me to find the remainding ones since my puppy somehow got infested. We applied “Fronline” which they sell in the vet and my puppy is now free of thicks and fleas. We also found out he was getting these things from the grass in the park. So we no longer take him where there is grass.
    Good Luck!

  9. I Like Stories

    Take the puppy to a groomer for a flea/tick bath. Cost about $40. Take puppy to vet and get it on Frontline.
    Those collars don’t work.

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