I put Frontline on her every 3 weeks, but I have been seeing some flea dirt in her bed. I also noticed she has tapeworms so obviously she has fleas. What else can I do to get rid of the fleas?
Also- is there a good tapeworm medication I can get over the counter, like at Petsmart?


  1. b.w.

    No,no,no,no over the counter crap. That stuff does not work and often harms the pet!
    Bite the bullet and take the poor dog to a vet. They can treat both problems. You have to find out with what to treat your house, furniture, yard everyplace the dog goes. Every where she goes she is dropping flea eggs to hatch later and re-infest her. You have to get rid of it all. It is an ongoing process.

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    You might want to change from frontline toAdvantix use it a month or two then go to another brand of flea medication. It seem to confuse the fleas for what ever reason and they have a hard time getting immune to the medication. Also there is a med called Capstar, fleas are gone within 30 min off the dog( so help me it’s true) We use it in the grooming shop instead of dip( a severe bio-hazzard to pet and everyone else). It is expensive though about $5 a tab and is only effective for 24 hrs. But have found that if you can afford to give it daily for 30 days it apparently kills any other invaders over that time and the population in the environment is gone.( fleas spend only about 10% of the time on the animal the other 90% in the environment) You have to realize that everytime your dog goes out he is exposed and everytime you go out you can also bring them in from outside. A safe non chemical dust called diatomaceous earth can help also. If you get food quality you can apply it directly to the dog as a powder, it dessicates fleas.
    For the tapes Droncit is effective

  3. cheesyth

    I work at Petsmart as a groomer. What we do for most customers sounds like your best bet. First I would tell you to take your dog to the vet to get the appropriate tapeworm medicine and treat that cause you never know if the over the counter stuff will work. You can even call you vet to just ask questions and see what they refer to you. Second as far as the fleas what we do with customers is we have there dog come in we do a flea bath and apply the flea drops we use zodiac which is way cheaper then frontline and it works while the dog is in the salon we have the client bomb there house and clean up to make sure all the fleas are gone. Do not use any Hartz products that all I have to say. Hope that helps

  4. ggolobe

    Tapeworm requires a shot from the vet. Just one shot. I live in California and every other weekend a vet comes to a local pet store. They offer low cost vaccines. Tapeworms look like rice. Dogs and cats get them from eating fleas. Humans cannot catch them from their pets! They need to go to the vet. Also, treat the fleas! Advantage and Frontline are the best! Local groomers sell these for less than the vets! Good luck!

  5. Tony'sBY

    Perhaps it’s time to get serious and take the dog to the bleeding VET?
    (unless you wanna harvest the tapeworm and sell them to the over weight females, of course)

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    Go to your vet!!! he will give you something for the tapeworm and for the fleas. you might have them in your house so if it gets bad call an exterminator he will be able to tell you if you have them.

  7. jaten124

    chop up some garlic and put it in the dogs food it will take care of worms and help ward off the fleas

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