It seems there is fleas from the previous owner in my new house, we don’t have pets but how do we get rid of them?


  1. jean ann j

    Putting baking soda and salt, work in with a broom real good, will dry them out.
    Gold Bond foot powder, or the store brand will work.
    The eggs are hard to kill. They might hatch and this will have to be repeated.

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    A flea bomb is a good solution, but if you do not want to deal with potentially harmful chemicals, there is a homemade remedy to put on carpets that will drive fleas away.
    In a spray bottle, mix Dawn dishwashing soap with water and spray on carpets. The oils in the soap suffocate fleas.
    Another way, this I found in the source I’m referencing, is to get night lights and plug them in very close to the floor. Then get small bowls of warm water and dish soap and place them under the lights. Sounds strange, but it works, and according to this page it’s safe to leave out at all times.

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