I’ve looked all over the net for an answer but they all seem to be for carpeted homes. My entire home is hardwood so there is no carpet. So far the best advice is to sprinkle BORAX on the floors and vaccum it but I don’t know if that will work for hardwood.
The cat’s been moved for a month now but there are still fleas in our home. HELP!


  1. Brenda T

    You’ll need flea bombs. Open up all doors, closets and cabinets (not food ones though), use one bomb per 300 or 400 square feet, and make sure to put the bombs up on chairs with newspaper under the bomb and chair (to keep the mist from damaging furniture or floors). You might need to do a second treatment about a month after to get the larvae and eggs. If you still had the cat, you could just put frontline on it and then the cat acts like a little walking bug bomb…they hop on but die shortly after.

  2. royphil3

    I had a pretty bad infestation once. I tried the powder and a spray that looked more professional than Raid. They didn’t work…
    I finally bought some Raid Flea Spray and it did the trick in one application. You have to spray just about everywhere… especially under furniture cushions, etc… I went pretty heavy because the other products didn’t work and I was getting worried. Left the house for a few hours after spraying… I would even spray beds a little bit and wash / change the bedding before going to bed. Fleas can be very difficult to get rid of. Best to be serious about it and get it over with. If it fails, you’ll have to get flea bombs and try that (even messier).
    Definitely spray and toss your vacuum cleaner bag if you’ve been vacuuming things with no borax in the bag.

  3. curious

    Beagle flea spray…I have paid out over 300.00 this summer for fleas to an exterminator…nothing worked…then a friend told me to try beagle flea spray…IT WORKED….spray good then in 4 days spray again then in 4 more days spray again this is too kill the hatched eggs. Good luck

  4. Tira Misu

    Vets usually carry flea bombs that you can set off in your house and it’s not too expensive. The vet’s bombs are stronger than grocery store stuff and will permeate every crack and crevice in your house. Years ago when we lived in South Texas (flea heaven) this really helped us. Or the expensive route is to have the bug man in.

  5. pixieotr

    get yourself some flea bombs with permethrin. set them off every 21 days for 3 months, will kill all fleas, larve and helps get rid of hatching eggs. hard wood is almost harder than carpet to rid of fleas, because of all the minute crackes they can hide in.

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