I have two cats who i have treated with front line, i have also treated my home with a spray from the vets that’s says it will prevent fleas in my home for twelve months and thier larva from hatching for twelve months. Yet i still find live fleas in my home! About two aday. Anyone had a sucessfull experience of getting rid of fleas?
What did you use?
Where can i get it?
I’m in Uk East Anglia area.
Thank you.



  1. ᵸᵃṩᵢᴄᶦṱ TieBuster ☏ͼͽ☔☃☮☯✈✐✉⨁⨂

    put their rent up very steeply.

  2. jessybel

    i have the same problem, but fleas never really go, they are very sneky, try the spray again and it will redouce the amount of fleas rapidually but sorry we can never really get rid of all of them, unless you poisen the whole house hehe. good luck

  3. Rat Catcher

    I can get rid of cat fleas by using ” FicamW “. But that’s because I’m a trained professional Pest Controller and allowed to buy the stuff.
    Now, I’m not even in england, never mind anglia, so this isn’t a sales pitch, obviously. It Is sound advice though:
    Call in a Pro’. Try to find a local man who people have used and speak well of. He’ll probably charge ye somewhere either side of the fifty quid mark (regional differances, obviously) and he’ll do the job for ye using specialist chemicals and equipment.
    The alternative is to just live with fleas as ye empty the bank account into the pockets of all sorts of snake oil purveyors. I’ve seen it all before. People spend more on vet / pet shop bought cans of stuff than a visit from a Professional would cost them. And they still have fleas.
    Your choice entirely 😉

  4. cherry

    Hi. i had this problem a few years back, you need to wash everything in your house that can be washed on the highest setting in your washing machine, throw away all pet bedding and blankets and replace with new.. and use a product called “staykil” this can now be bought over the internet for around £13.. for the home you need to spray mattresses both sides and absolutely everything..sofas,(under the sofa.) curtains, wooden floors etc… paying particular attention to skirting boards near radiators etc…..then the room needs to be left shut for at least an hour.. i left it as long as i could before airing….. frontline will cure the fleas on your cats but be aware any stray fleas in the enviroment that bite your cat may still be falling off in the family home.. and also continuous vacumming for the next couple of weeks..i tried everything on the market that was available and this was the method that really worked!! hope you sort out this problem quickly cause i know from experience its very stressful.. hope this helps x

  5. JoeyBug

    I use Frontline on my furniture and pet’s bedding and hoover a lot to get rid of exsisting flea eggs and larva…if they’re there, they;re most likely dead from the spray and just need hoovering up. If they’re alive the spray didn’t work and use Frontline on it instead, that does work.
    Hope this helps.

  6. claire h

    Go to pets at home or tesco they do a house hold spray which is really good they like living in fabrics so everything needs a good wash and spray. good luck

  7. stormydo

    You might want to try a professional pest control service, get them to come spray both the house and the yard. Also, you can get a flea comb and thoroughly comb each of your cats every day, then flush the fleas you find down the toilet. The monthly frontline should be the biggest help, though.

  8. DAWN J

    i used johnsons household flea spray when i had the same problem.pay close attention to warm areas such as near radiators and water pipes.spray the full room carpet then close the door for about an hour.after that open the window and hoover the carpets.also wash your cats bedding regularly.you can get it in any pet store and it did the trick for me.good luck!

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    Some other thing that i have been doing that helps:
    1) put boric acid powder in your vacuum bags. This helps kill the fleas that you vacuum up. (vacuum daily)
    2) Put a bowl of water with a few drops of dish soap in it and put the bowl on the floors around your house. With in a few minutes, you will see dead fleas in the water. Make sure you put some under your beds.
    Good luck! Hope it helps.

  10. midnight

    Basically what you have done is correct but can take over 4 weeks to get rid of all the eggs as they are really hard to kill event he sprays don’t kill the eggs just keep hoovering and empty the hoover bag straight after or they will hatch and crawl out the hoover Boil wash all your curtains and main areas where the sleep and concentrate in these ares you will need to kill adult fleas manually (squeeze untill you hear them pop with your nail) its a long and ardual thing but will work eventually i had the problem for approx 3 months and i went to town on them its hard work but if you don’t keep on top of it its a bloody nightmare i though 3 months was bad and I’ve got 3 cats these things happen Good Luck

  11. Rus

    put a flee collar on every quadruped in the house and get a flee spray and i think you can get a powder too and go over the carpets and anything else soft.

  12. catgirl1

    I would use a flea bomb,please read the instructions carefully as i think you have to keep the animals out of the room, for a couple of hours. How often do you use the Frontline? I have 4 cats and use it every 5 weeks all year round.

  13. Smartphone Reviews

    The spray your vet gave you is probably working. A flea infestation can last three or four weeks. The pupae stage of the flea is protected in a insecticide-proof shell. When the adult flea pops out of this shell it will come in contact with the insecticide you have used and die two – eight hours later. The vibrations and heat of your vacuum cleaner will help to hatch out the pupae and help to speed up this process. Vacuum, vacuum, and vacuum.

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