Well, we are trying to get rid of the fleas in our house and yard, however, we want a method that is not too messy and that won’t damage some of the Persian carpets in our house. Any suggestions?


  1. Angela G

    My sister has had a recent war with this…I call it war because simple battle just doesn’t describe it. She has had professional exterminators come as often as they are allowed by law, taken up all carpet applied 7dust to the entire area around the house and yard and done this repeatedly. Pyritherin based products tend to work well also but again it requires vigilance as the egg to adult cycle must be repeatedly stopped to eradicate them. She gave all animals bathes and used flea control products on each also and again this was done repeatedly. Good luck!

  2. Shannon

    You can use pin sol in your house. Straight works best but can be mixed 60/40 pine sol /water. Just put it in a spray bottle and spray it all over the house. You can use it on bedding, floors, furniture, and even your cur tins, always do a spot check somewhere so you can make sure it dose not stain your material, Then bath your pet with some flea soap or regular shampoo ( dish soap dry’s them out real bad ). Then you can take a pan of water with soapy water in it put it under a night light at when you go to bed . The flea’s will jump in to the water and die. This has to be done over and over all it dose is nock them down for a while they will keep coming back. Good Luck !!!

  3. APBTs #1 Fan

    Salt works in the house… Put quite a bit down like you would use carpet fresh… Let it stand for bout 30min then sweep it up… It burns the fleas up like if you would pour salt on a slug… Salt also works around the door ways to keep ants out in the summer…
    I’m not sure about the yard other than I know there’s some sprays that you can buy… I would ask your local vet he might be able to recommend one that works well and is completely safe for your pets….Good Luck

  4. Im amazing

    You need to get your pets flea collars which are just simple collars that have powder that keeps fleas off of it. And they have many methods such as “flea bombs” They’re these things that like have this stuff in it that kills the fleas. In the meantime get your pets some flea treatment. And you’ll be good for a while. Good luck 🙂

  5. Marie P

    Try some flea foggers. They work but make sure you follow the directions carefully.
    DO NOT buy those useless, toxic flea collars.

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