My daighter’s friend has dogs in her house and i think that she might have brought fleas over, because we don’t have any pets.


  1. DAN S

    Go to an organic gardening store, ask them for diatomasceous earth, sprinkle on rug and all over yard…fleas will die.

  2. Bill

    for a natural way to get rid of them, go to the store and get some borax. You will find it in the detergent aisle. Pour that on the carpet overnight then vacuum the carpet.

  3. blixa22

    I agree about diatomaceous earth (horticultural, not for pools). I think it comes as a mixture of DE and boric acid powder for carpets, too — maybe from a pet supply store. You’re supposed to wear a mask when you apply it, but that’s not because it’s toxic; it’s just not safe to breathe in the particles that will fly up when you put the powder down.
    Don’t forget to VACUUM too with a powerful machine, **under** the furniture and in any & all crevices where fleas could jump to (like under sofa cushions). It can remove a lot of the eggs and pupae of fleas, as well as the dirt that the larvae eat.

  4. as seen here - mortgages spain

    Apparently fleas do not like Lavender so if you have a Lavender toilet water or perfume spray the carpet. Probably the best way would be to shampoo the carpets as fleas can live a very long time and come back next year again.

  5. Heather

    theres like powder you can get and you just sprinkle it on the carpet and the poweder kills the fleas then vacum it up in a week or so it usally works
    good luck=]

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