I have 6 dogs and 3 cats and i want to get rid of the fleas in the yard and the house all dogs and cats take meds for fleas but we still are getting fleas I walked outside on the porch and the fleas were just jumping on me and i was standing about 3 feet off the ground please help


  1. Eric J

    Jumping fleas are going to require professional help in my experience. For $70 we had a pest control company come in and spray all of our carpets. Keep your animals in the garage or a large bathroom (away from carpet) for a few days after. Ask a vet, but Capstar is a product they gave us to kill all existing fleas on our dog. We used capstar once a day while quarantining our dog. We also made sure he had a fresh dose of frontline. Basically you have to take ALL of these measures at the same time. Kill the fleas where they lie (including the yard) by using a professional. Ask a vet if Capstar is ok for your animals and that will kill the fleas on the animal. Frontline (also from vet) will get into the pets blood and keep future fleas from coming back. It really feels terrible to quarantine your pet for a few days but we had gone months without doing all of these things all at once and being serious about it and we still had fleas come back. Get a plan and implement only when you have the time and money to get it all done at once. btw, capstar is like $2/pill. Frontline is like $40 for three months worth I think. Talk to your vet. Good luck.

  2. LucySD

    wolfatre is right that over the counter stuff become ineffectual in short time.
    We have 3 dogs and 2 cats.
    and they use several things (3) all the time 24/7 x12.
    Sentinel, cap star and Frontline plus.
    and we have fleas.
    The vet and I came up with this solution:
    # 1 if the neighbors don’t treat their yards for fleas it will only be temporary on controling them in the yard.
    #2. We are using every method now to
    prevent them from multiplying
    #3. We are going to rip OUT the carpet and put in hardwood floors
    #4. We will remove the pets for the day
    and call in the exterminator.
    Expensive you betch’ but the floors will add to the value of the house so then it become PRICELESS..

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    With that many animals no wonder you have fleas.
    Meds or no meds, the fleas are working and the meds aren*t.
    You will have to bug bomb your house to get rid of the fleas, Look for the kind that says for fleas. Then have the yard done by a pro and at the same time have a vet treat the animals so they are both gone from the house, and not bringing more fleas home with them.
    Our dog got fleas once by having him boarded at a kennel.

  4. ilovmwb1

    First if all I am sorry but it doesn’t matter how many animals you have for some reason the fleas are everywhere all the sudden I have 2 dogs and 2 cats they all get front line monthly and out of nowhere there is fleas everywhere. I think its the weather change. I went to pet smart yesterday and asked them what I could do they recommended a full house flea bombing then flea collars, baths, and yard sprayer for fleas. Pet smart said its best to treat the whole yard but if there is alot of property to treat the perimeter of the house and a good couple feet around . Good Luck:)

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    I have a dog and a cat and we do not have fleas. I have Terminix come out and spray for insects once a month. I have been doing this for the 9 years that I have lived in this house and not once have I had fleas. We also do not have cockroaches, palmetto bugs, spiders or pincher bugs. The spraying is done on the outside of the house only, around the base of the house.

  6. wannapla

    I don’t think you can get rid of the fleas in your yard ….but a safe way to rid your home of fleas it to put on the floor a shallow pan filled with water and then a strong light above this pan (piano type lamp) when you go to sleep at night turn the light on and all other light s off. The fleas with be attracted to the light and jump at the bulb then fall into the pan, and are not able get out

  7. wolfatre

    Plan on spending some money. Make sure what you are using on the pets is recommended by your vet. The stuff you get at Wal-Mart and other places like it is fairly useless. You’re going to have to treat your yard and house several times. Fleas have several life stages and one of them is pretty much impervious to anything short of a bonfire. What will happen is that you’ll kill the adults and larvae and everything will seem fine for a while, then the pupae will hatch and you’ll start all over again. If you’ve got that bad of a problem, then I’d plan on doing at least 3 treatments of the yard and house. There are sprays you can hook up to a garden hose for the yard and bombs for the house. You’ll have to have the animals out of the house and yard for these treatments. Again, use products with a good record, not the cheapest you can find. Here’s a site with some more information. http://www.vetinfo.com/dencyclopedia/def…

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