I have tried sevin in the yard and bought stuff to sprinkle or spray on carpet and still so many fleas.I have two dogs and they are so miserable.They need help please.


  1. JimDandy

    Use FrontLine Plus on your dogs. It will kill the fleas on them, and in your carpet. And they won’t be troubled with the ones in the yard.http://www.1800petmeds.com/Frontline+Plu…
    Additionally, you can use Borax on your carpet. Sprinkle it on your carpet and then let it sit for a little while. Then vacuum it up. When used in this manner, Borax is an eye and nose irritant, so wear a mask if necessary. Borax is a dry laundry detergent booster, but it dries out the fleas and causes them to die. When you vacuum up the Borax, the dead fleas come up too. You may have to repeat the procedure a couple of times if the infestation is really bad.
    For the yard, use a good hose-end sprayer with a insecticide containing pyrethrums. Spray your yard, especially around piles of leaves, wood, etc.

  2. jenibug

    Go to your nearest Southern States type store ( one that would have horse, cow and dog supplies) and ask for Zodiac yard Spray. It works really great for outdoors. I used it indoors at my lake house, which was bad with fleas, and I never ever saw another flea. It is not recommended for indoors, but I moved the dogs outside for the day, sprayed it on with the apolstery feature on my carpet cleaner, and made sure the windows were open all day and night. I also wiped the areas along the wall, and other potential trouble spots down, but it worked permanently. I paid about $ 50.00 for 2
    concentrated bottles, but well worth it.

  3. baby pushchairs

    Diatamicious earth(excuse spelling) naturally kills them.It dehydrates the flea.That can be used in the yard.
    One rescue effort actually sprinkled some on the dogs(harmless)
    Also you can check in health food stores or online for natural remedies if you wish to avoid chemical treatment @ home.
    They are not easy to get rid of.
    Consider using a monthly regime on your animals that will bring relief.
    The dose is according to size.

  4. hang-10

    Take the dog groomers to get a flea dip , as for the carpet buy a flea collar and flea powder . Crack the collar put it in vacuum cleaner bag put powder on carpet . Cover carpet good , then vacuum it up . The collar with the powder will kill the fleas in the bag. As for the yard go to a home and garden place and as if they carry anything that will kill fleas and will not hurt your lawn. hope this helps. I had a problem like this but with a cat and it help me . Even though I miss the flea circus (lol)

  5. magpie23

    I JUST HAD THIS PROBLEM! ok well first of all don’t try spraying your own yard. I have spent over 300 dollars trying to get spray for the yards and carpets and pets. NONE OF IT WORKs. the flea shampoo for dogs only KILLS the fleas. it does not keep them away. What i did for this problem was i would call an exterminate right away before you spend tons of money. Then after the exterminator leaves and does his stuff. Have FRONTLINE ready to put on the dogs right away. i used frontline and the fleas dissapeard like magic. Really try this and it should work out great. dont go threw the hassle of all the hartz crap and all the only cheap junk. spend your money good now and it will pay off.
    Good luck.

  6. Heavy Metal Music and Bands

    Few dog owners are fortunate enough to avoid an eventual run-in with fleas, the most common dog parasites. Even with regular bathing and grooming, the tireless critters can find their way to the tender flesh of unsuspecting dogs (and dog owners). The bloodsuckers not only don’t pay rent, they cause itching and can transmit diseases to their hosts.
    here are some guidelines:http://dogtime.com/flea-control.html

  7. TKS

    Siphotrol II with IGR for the floor of your house as well as the furniture, you also need Frontline plus or Advantage on your dogs. Get a yard spray labeled for fleas to mix and do your yard.

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