Every time I use the flea comb on my dogs (2 x a day), I find fleas. I’ve sprayed the yard with a hose end sprayer using flea shampoo, but it’s our raining season and it soon washes away. I have also used plant misters to spray the rugs and wash their bedding regularly w/flea shampoo. Does anyone have some suggestions? Thank you.



  1. Mr. L.

    Here’s my method:
    How to have a flea free yard, dog, and home:
    I DO NOT advocate products that are applied to your dog. Fleas don’t live on animals; they feed on animals and live in vegetation and/ or furniture, bedding and carpet.
    A good and safe chemical to use to control fleas is “Permethrin”. This is a very effective broad purpose insecticide. It is a major ingredient in most pet flea dips. It can be used in the house and for the yard and garden.
    A very effective organic insecticide is “Organocide”, Very effective and very safe, (totally natural). For outdoor use ONLY, this product is made of emulsified fish oil, it smells STRONG.
    The key to ridding your home, dogs and land of fleas and ticks is consistency. I live in Central Florida where we have fleas and ticks all year. I alternate spraying my yard with these two products on a monthly basis.
    To kill the fleas and stop re-infestation, you will need to spray your entire yard and then re-apply in two weeks. For your first treatment I would recommend using the Permethrin and then in two weeks apply a generous spray of Organocide. This should eradicate all the fleas and most other insects in your yard. After this initial treatment you should spray your yard every month during the flea season, (depending where you live).
    I also recommend in-house application of Permethrin inside the home to ensure the fleas are not infesting furniture, carpet, and other items in the home.
    These products may be purchased on the internet or at a local garden or home improvement store. Good luck, I have three Australian Shepherds, I have never experienced a flea problem using the above method described.

  2. researched it

    The sprays, flea shampoos, and so many other products are toxic and don’t do the job. There are two very effective steps you can take and it will solve all of your flea problems for good. I know, I tried this and it worked. I’ve attached the article that describes the steps. First you treat your pet with a topical flea treatment. Second, you treat your home. The pets you continue to treat each month. Your house you only have to treat one time every year. If you do both of these steps you likely do not need to treat your yard unless your pets have a dog house outside.

  3. Wilco :)

    If you are still finding fleas on your dog even after treating your home, you need to focus on getting rid of all the fleas on the dog, since he is there life source.
    Make sure the products you are using kill not only the fleas, but the eggs.
    Here is a good website to understanding it:http://aces.nmsu.edu/pubs/_g/g-317.html

  4. SibeMama

    I have been told that planting Lavender around your yard will naturally repel fleas…also in a flea dense area be sure you have your dogs on flea treatment from your vet…there are a lot of bad products over the counter.

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