the cat that gave birth to the kittens had then the kittens got fleas. we tried washing them in lemon juice with some water mixed in, but the next day they still have a ton on them. we don’t have enough money for a vet. any suggestions?


  1. Judy W

    I give them a bath in the kitchen sink. I use dawn dish soap and rinse them with the sprayer. If the infestation is bad you can do this every third day. I used a flea comb on mom. As long as mom has fleas they will. Bathe them and watch their mouths if they get pale gums use a cat vitamin spray you can buy at the store. When you have them money flea treat mom but only down her back don’t spray her tummy.

  2. K S

    You could try dusting them with baby powder and brushing them with a soft brush.
    Make sure the mother is de-flead and that their bedding does not have any fleas (wash it in very hot water, or throw it away and start again). Even if you can’t afford to take them to the vet, you could always ask the vet if there is something suitable you could use without them seeing the kittens.

  3. little chef

    There is this stuff, it comes in a tan colored spray bottle you can buy it at petco, or any other pet supply store. What great about it is it is relatively inexpensive, it is organic, you can use it on all your furniture, your carpet and your kittens. It is very gentle and doesn’t smell bad or anything. This is what I used on my little ones when they were babies and it worked just great!! The fact that it can also be used on all the furniture is great because you have to clean that up too, so you get two products in one! Good luck, I think it is called “Natural chemistry pet area spray” Also don’t forget to treat the mother too. In fact try to get frontline plus for the mom, you can find it much cheaper online than going to the store, but in the meantime make sure that you get the spray to control it for a short period of time and once you treat the mom, keep treating the babies until you see n o more fleas.

  4. ladyques

    OH GEEZE! Don’t use Frontline on a 2 week kitten! Or any other commercial pesticide… they can not metabolize the toxins yet and if it doesn’t kill them outright, then they can develop kidney, liver or other health problems later.
    First, treat the mother with a product that is safe for nursing cats… read the label… consider a flea collar for now, but no dusting powders or residual shampoos that the kittens would stay in contact with.
    You may have to inspect and handpick the fleas from the kittens… a flea comb or other fine toothed comb helps. Do this completely for each kitten over several days.
    Then clean and treat the bedding and kitten area.
    Try to go botanical/herbal… do research online, as many things can be gotten from the grocery or health food store if you don’t have a specialized supply nearby. Many aromatic herbs have a repellant effect without being toxic. Look into a dilute vinegar/herb solution as a wash and spray after all adult fleas are removed.
    I treat my rescues at the street curb to help keep any escapees out of my yard and house. It may be too late for you this time, but once the kittens are older, you can rectify any problem you have then.

  5. lauramel

    If you go to the pet store there is flea shampoo. You can use that and it works well.
    draw bath of with salt in it and put your cat in it.
    If you have fleas in your carpet you can use Borax to get rid of the problem. This is an old remedy that works, however be sure to use caution when doing it. You can buy Borax at the grocery store, hardware store, etc… for less then $5.00. Your going to sprinkle it heavily on all your carpets, and use a broom to sweep it in. ( make a circular motion with the broom) Let the Borax sit on the carpet for 24 hours, or if you have a heavy infestation let it sit for several days. After it is through setting your going to vacuum it up. Borax is toxic, do not walk around on it bare footed. Do not use this treatment if you have children or pets in the home

  6. Wordpress Autoblog Software

    They actually have kitten flea medicine that you can get from the vet. But depending on teh kittens weight you may not be able to give it to them. If not ask the vet what you can do since they are soo young, they may suggest bringing them in so they can do a flea bath. Good Luck Fleas Suck!

  7. cat lover

    Few of the typical treatments such as Frontline, etc. are safe at that age. The best approach is to treat the mother, fumigate or get rid of any bedding around the mother, and rigorous combing of the kittens to try and reduce the numbers.

  8. pheench

    I believe you can still use a small dose of Front Line behind it’s neck. We had fleas last year and Front Line was the only thing that worked. Figures because it was very expensive. You get what you pay for.

  9. Nikki G

    Fleas can cause anemia in Kittens and this can be fatal. Get them to a vet. If you can’t afford to get your pets treated for something as simple as fleas you really shouldn’t have any pets at all.

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