I have a 1 1/2 week old lab puppy that has fleas ans i gave her a bath with puppy shampoo but they moved to her head around her unopen eyes. What can I do or use to get rid of them???


  1. pomerani

    1st clean all flea’s off the mother and any dogs in the home and clean bedding.
    Advatage is safe to use on nursing mothers.
    Use a flea comb on the puppy.
    Since so young you should never use puppy shampoo’s or flea shampoo’s. The only thing that is safe is Dawn Dish soap.
    It kills fleas without hurting the puppy.
    But this should only be done if a very bad case, since washing them at this age can make them very sick, since can’t regulate their own body heat right now.
    So make sure when done, to get them dry, and keep them warm.

  2. Anonymous

    My goodness where did you get this dog? It should be with it’s mother until at least 8 weeks of age 12 is optimum. Take her to the vet immediately.
    She should not be being bathed at all! And you should NOT be using shampoo on her especially a flea shampoo. You are going to kill her! You need to get some proper education on how to care for her. The vet will help you in this area as well.
    She is going to need more than just feeding care. Puppies learn from their mother and litter mates the skills they need to be happy well adjusted puppies. Often puppies who are taken away from their mother too soon will develop aggression issues later.
    Please I am begging you get some help!

  3. Dancergi

    you can try one of the little flea collars. thats what we did when mine was a puppy or you can bring it to the vet

  4. number1r

    You probably want to keep your puppy for a long time so you should go to the vet and ask for REVOLUTION. It’s the most amzing product we used (applied topically between shoulder bones once a month) and i sterilizes present flees and avoiding new ones, works against heart worms… and more. check it out, it’s worth your dog’s health…http://www.revolution4dogs.com/content.a…

  5. Sand Demon

    One way to get rid of them is to use a FLEA COMB. Only this kind of comb can get rid of fleas just by brushing. the down-side is this may take from 30 min. to 1 hour and 30 min.

  6. safety

    DO NOT!!!!! USE FLEA SHAMPOOS ON PUPPIES THAT YOUNG! DO NOT BATH A PUP THAT YOUNG! YOU CAN MAKE IT SICK AND KILL IT !!! You have to pick the fleas off by hand at this age. Read you Flea products carefully, they are an insecticide! Most flea products can’t even be used at six weeks old. WHEN your pup is old enough for a flea bath, you start at the head and work your way back so the fleas do not move toward the head.

  7. mlle-fan

    Why on earth do you have a 1 1/2 week old puppy when you clearly know nothing about puppies or dogs? You cannot give a 1 1/2 week puppy a bath! You are well on your way to killing your puppy or making it dangerously ill.

  8. Anne

    Dawn dish soap. This was recommended earlier by a vet tech and was reccomended by my vet. It kills the live fleas. As to whether you can bathe a puppy that young I do not know and would call the vet and check first.

  9. Mom2Be

    if you can get a nice pair of tweezers and sit in the bath with the pup, while you wash her, and they all move to her head, use the tweezers to pick them off, squeeze them, and send them down the drain. i know it sounds tedious, but you love the pup, so you must help her. how did she get the fleas anyway? if theyre in your house, you need to deflea the carpet and upholstery. they have stuff for that in pet stores. good luck!

  10. Watch Movies

    The only thing that you can do is to give your puppy a bath in dishsoap. It is safe and kills fleas. Once you bath her you will have to pick the fleas off. Some of the fleas do wake up as the soap only stuns them. Do this until all the fleas are gone. Before you wash her put some eye ointment or mineral oil /around her eyes to protect them from the soap. There are no flea products that are safe to use on a puppy that young. Good luck and happy flea hunting.

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