my cat just had kittens and i can see that she has fleas and i think that the kittens might to. Is there something that i can give then that wont harm them but get rid of the fleas?


  1. his angel

    If you treat the mother then the treatment will rub off on the kittens, but I would go to a vet if that doesn’t work.

  2. buggsnme

    If mom has them, odds are so do the babies. You can wash them all with Dawn dish detergent – it kills the fleas, but only temporary. You need to wash their bedding, and since there really isn’t anything you can put on the babies, and fleas can suck enough blood to kill a kitten, you want to keep them as clean as possible. You might want to consider getting some cedar chips, and putting that in a box, and then put their bedding on top of that to prevent fleas from returning.

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