How can I get rid of fleas using a home remedy? off my two cats


  1. Bart S

    Contact a Vet and see how often a cat can safely be washed in flea soap.
    Vacuum like three times a day and the flea problem will go away

  2. Dar H

    This is going to sound strange..but it works…you will see the results the next morning. You”ll need a trip to the Dollar store, which you”ll probably find all that you need. Depending on how many electrical outlets you have that are close to the floor, lets say 6..for an example…buy 6 nitelights,,the ones you can take the shade off so the bulb is exposed..plug them in tonite, then get 6 aluminum pans,,with a 2inch lip. fill them with soapy water & place directly under the lite.The fleas jump at the lite & they drown . Crazy, but its cheap & it works.

  3. Pat F

    Along with the other good suggestions, Get some Borax (it’s in the laundry department at the grocery store) and brush it in to the carpet.

  4. dave

    Make sure you have flea protection for your animals. Then thoroughly vacuum furniture and carpets (especially where your animals hang out). You may also spot flea larvae on your walls. They are really slow so you can kill them. they look like pieces of fuzz. Make sure you vacuum once a week and keep your pets protected and this should rid you of your flea problem. If you have dogs, keep them out of fields with high grass. When I was a kid, the dog used to get fleas when he was boarded in a kennel. I assume you can pick fleas up at doggie day care places too. These days only the cat that goes outside manages to pick up fleas. You can keep your cats inside (but this usually gets them mad). Other than that they need to have a flea collar on if you don’t treat them monthly for fleas. Cats and dogs apparently get the same fleas so make sure if you have a dog you treat it too. You can also bathe the cats but that is easier said than done.

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    You can just use the flea comb and vaccum a lot…also vaccum bare floors…but please read all that I have added and you can decide what will work the best for you.
    You need something like FrontlinePlus…good source and cheaper than the vets is…I use it so I know it works. A flea comb with a cup of hot water & a little dish liquid to dip the comb in when you comb your dog/cat. LOTs of vac bags and vac everyday and remove the bag and tie it in a shopping bag and take out of the house. This will work and you should see improvements within two months. DON’T use sprays, powders, house bombs, flea collars and over the counter products. They are dangerous and are full of pesticides and can harm you and your pet! To let you know as I was given a paper from the vets…cycle of the flea…They hatch from a cocoon like a butterfly…in one week they are an adult….as a adult they lay a egg every hour of their lives up to 1-2 years they live. The eggs hatch into a larva in about two weeks…they spend three weeks as a larva and then they wrap themselves into a cocoon. In the cocoon stage you can’t kill them unless you plan on burning down your house…fire is the only way to kill them in this stage. What makes them hatch from a cocoon is vibration, heat, and all sorts of things. They need a host to feed on within one week or they will die. ( problem being is the cocoons can take up to five months to hatch! and they all hatch at different rates!) WOW that is a lot of fleas! FrontlinePlus uses two ways to kill the fleas…they first have an ingredient that paralyzes the flea so it can’t feed and it dies…it does this for two weeks. The following two weeks it just inhibits the flea eggs of the fleas that feed on them and eggs don’t hatch. This is why it takes a few months, but it does work. BTW…flea baths don’t work either and will make it so the FrontlinePlus won’t work.

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