My cats came home from the kennel with fleas, I am getting bitten up like crazy. I need something to get rid of them in my home (without getting rid of my cats) but I need something safe because I have two little (2 years and 1 year) kids. Help!!!


  1. Norman T

    I had this problem once and put a little dishwashing detergent into a few small bowls on the floor. Hid them so the kids can’t find them. The fleas were attracted to the sweet smell of the detergent and land in the bowls. After a few days my flea problem was gone. It might work for you too.

  2. Mandy J

    First get to a vet get some flea medicine about $10-$13 a piece. Then get the kids and cats in kennels and bomb your house for bugs. You can get this at Walmart, Dollar General, and grocies stores. Bomb it once then wait 10 days. It will work if you do both. I don my house twice a year.

  3. judyarb1

    I would take the cats to the vet and get dipped for fleas, then get something like Frontline to keep the fleas off. If possible while you are at the vets, have a professional pest control guy come out and spray your house with a spray that is compatible with your pets. It may take a bit of time, but shouldn’t take too much. The worst part is the expense. I live in a house that was built 40 years ago and there have never been pets here. I still put frontline on my dog, because squirrels and other pests carry fleas.

  4. .

    Go to the pet store and get some flea medicine specially designed for cats. Take the cats to the groomer and have them cleaned and defleaed. While you are out, get flea bombs from the store and set them off in your house. You have to be out for about 3 hours. When you get home, wipe down everything your kids can touch or put their mouths on. That should take care of the problem. If you don’t do something, your house will be overrun.

  5. Daniel C

    Home Depot/Lowe’s have flea bombs. Directions are simple. You, your kids and animals will have to leave the house for at least four hours. During that time have the cats treated for fleas so they don’t bring them back in.

  6. HOLLY M

    Even lightly in the cats beds..BORAX…. find it in the laundry isle of your grocery store…… just sprinkle it around the house…. ( its safe for kids … as long as they don’t eat it…..) under the furniture …. on the carpet….. it dries them out the CAN’T live in it … really works my family tried it and it works…. just leave it for a while a day or hours and then vacuum.

  7. mafoxson

    Some hardware stores sell flea bombs. You may also be able to get them online. Do a google search. You leave the house for two hours and set them off in every room and smoke comes out of the box that kills all the fleas. I used it and it worked fine in my old apartment. Good luck.
    Another way is to keep your animals on year round flea prevention. Fleas cant live in the house(carpets and what not) unless they have a host to feed on. If the animals are protected these fleas will eventually die off. Most die during the winter months as well, Its too cold for them.

  8. Wordpress Autoblog Software

    I have had this problem and still do…I have got the exterminator to come out twice to spray the floors down, even bombed it once and I still have problems with occasional fleas. The fleas in this rental unit was ridicoulous digusting, ate my dog alive(me as well). I would say just call a professional which is probably the best answer I can give. Goodluck..plan on my bombing my house this week..hopefully I can rid all of these suckers.

  9. Chalice

    Get a treatment from a vets – one for your cats, like Frontline or Revolution, and a spray for your house.
    Veterinary spot-ons are very effective. Don’t confuse them with pet-store products, which are often unsafe for use on cats and usually don’t work. Shampoos are collars also don’t work – just stay away from pet store flea treatments altogether because pet stores aren’t allowed to sell the appropriate drugs for safe and effective flea treatment, only vets are.
    For a housespray I recommend Indorex, Acclaim, Staykil or Skoosh – with these first three you will probably have to treat more than once, at least ten days apart, but Skoosh kills the eggs and larvae as well so only one application should be necessary.

  10. Squishy

    What i did when i had fles in my home was take a little bit of flea shampoo and water in a water bottle and sprayed the house down with it whenever i felt it needed it and eventually they were gone. good luck!

  11. aimee r

    Frontline Combo is the best sort of flea treatment for your cats, and there is a household spray that is called Indorex it breaks the flea-cycle by stopping flea-eggs and larvae developing into adults, this breaks the flea life cycle and will provide you with up to 12 months protection.

  12. philippines travel agency

    I use Advantage(they have it for cats and dogs) from the Vet. and works great! It’s like it gets rid of them on the cat and then the cat picks them up in the house and then they’re all gone. Advantage costs like $6.00-$7.00 for a tube that is suppose to last like a month but mine went a little longer. Good luck.

  13. naharash

    Rock salt. Yup! Throw it all over the room after vacuum ( and please get rid of the dang vaccum bag ASAP in the trash at the end of your yard by the street.
    Leave it there for a few days. Not a single living pest can take rock salt on their legs. See they lick their legs and the rock salt is too potent for them and they just turn over on their backs and die.
    This was told to me by a guy who owned a roach killing business. I was broke and couldn’t afford to have him come to my rental home. When I walked into my house I was covered with fleas in secs. I MEAN COVERED!
    The good ole boy told me what to do and why it worked so I went to the store and bought 3 bags of rock salt and through it all over the freaking house. The next day I went in and I swear I never saw so many different varieties of roaches DEAD ROACHES in my life. As amased as I was that they had all died I realised I didn’t ahve one single flea on me.
    Eggs, he said melted when they touched the salt.
    Well, I can tell you not to do this to your yard cuz you’ll kill your grass but your house……oh yea…it works beautifully

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