I’ve poison bombed the house, washed my cat and bombed where she stayed. I even put a new flea collar on her! But yet my house is still infested with fleas! What can I do?


  1. Chalice

    She will still have fleas too – baths and collars do NOT work. In fact get that flea collar off them, because cats often have bad reactions to them and since they don’t work, there’s no point. You need to get a veterinary product to treat your cat, like Frontline, Revolution or Advantage. You also need a spray from a vets – bombs don’t work! Nothing that can be bought in stores does.
    EDIT: Keeping the cat inside will not work, the fleas are quite happy to stay in your nice warm house and breed to their heart’s content! This is why indoor cats get fleas too.

  2. lil_julb

    Strangely enough, the pie tin with soapy water and light works but it will not get rid of all your fleas nor the eggs they lay. You need to be actively aggressive. You did not get infested overnight and you won’t resolve this overnight. Sevin Dust works very well. (If you have a “Farmers Co-op” you can buy it there. Not sure if you can buy it at department store but search for it. It is amazing stuff. Sprinkle it on your carpets and furniture. (it is poisonous so be sure you don’t ingest any) Treat outside around your house as well. You can use the sevin dust there as well. Also treat your cat with it. Just lightly sprinkle it on her and rub it into her fur. You will have to vacuum daily. You will want to dispose of your vacuum bags too if you have any. Do this a few days in a row and then repeat after about a week when new eggs would be hatching. You will have to stay on top of it but it will work. You could call in a professional but if your cat is not treated it won’t do any good.

  3. lori h

    ok, a long time ago we lived with some people and what I did was extreme but it worked. I put seven dust all over the floor and on the mattress and box spring and I went outside for a while.Then I came back in and vacuumed it all up.It worked.Really! I don’t know if it’s safe or not,but it did work.

  4. MAD MEL

    Try this, Get a dinner plate and put soapy water in it. Place a small candle in the middle, and light the candle. Do this before you go to bed. You want the room dark except for the candle. The fleas will be attracted to the flam and not be able to escape the soapy water. Good Luck.

  5. Cheri >^.^<

    The surest way to kill fleas is to treat the cat. Frontline or Advantix a topical flea repellent for your pet. You place it on the back of the neck. This will kill all stages of fleas in time. Meanwhile replace the bedding and vacuum frequently changing the bag/bag-less canister outside. In my experience the foggers and flea collars are just expensive ineffective treatments. Good luck!

  6. NickelN9

    Flea traps seem to work good from what I heard… Or spray the area with some. The supermarket has all of this at a basic level…
    ok… i did not read your topic fully… does ur car go outside by any chance? You should try to keep her inside for now and see if that will lesser the fleas. Again… If u have fleas this bad… It is time for an professinal to come in… If no product has worked…

  7. zipcope

    a little complicated but very effective….
    take an aluminum pie plate and put about 1/4 inch of liquid dishwashing soap in it..like palmolive, brand doesn’t matter
    now take a clamp light fixture with a 40 watt bulb in it and clamp it onto something that will allow you to place the plate about ten inches below the light and on the floor, I clamped light on kitchen chair seat …..leave light on all night in dark infested room . Change soap as it fills with with fleas..will take a few days but it works

  8. Carrie Sue

    i actually just recently had this very problem. i had got some of the foggers from the vet. i sat off as many as he told me to. no luck the house had more fleas in it than it did before i fogged. so then i went to kmart and got some of the raid max foggers from there i think they were like 3 for 15 dollars or something like that. i sat off six that time and came back home 2 days later and no fleas. so i just doubled what the vet told me to do. hope this helps, and good luck cuz the cleaning afterwards is awful.

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