My 16 week old Yorkshire terrier has been biting at her legs ever since she ran into the neighbors yard. I’m guessing it is fleas. What can I use on her to get rid of the fleas, and relieve the itching? I need to make sure it is safe for her as well.



  1. word to your mother.

    use SENTRY flea and tick shampoo.
    *it kills fleas and ticks
    *cleans and deodorizes
    *safe for dogs and puppies

  2. animalsr

    Have you actually seen the fleas? or is she biting because of something else? I would recommend a trip to the vet to have her looked at, if it is fleas your vet can perscribe a topical flea and tick medicationf for your puppy.

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    Besides washing your dog with flea and tick shampoo, and cleaning your rugs with flea powder, you can do a little trick I learned when I lived in Italy. We lived on an island where dog shampoo was not available so we took a bright desk lamp and a basin full of soapy water, and at night we would set the lamp over the basin of water. Fleas and other bugs are attracted to the light, and when they JUMP towards the light they end up in the soapy water and DIE. Keep this lamp near your dog when it sleeps at night (not right in his face! but near him), and see how many of the critters have died… if that’s even why he’s scratching. Poor pooch! 🙂

  4. bob b

    give your dog a bath using antiflea shampoo and then rub some baby powder on her
    if the shampoo does not get rid of all the fleas, the baby powder shoud diminish the itching

  5. shortsta

    go to your vet and get the flea,tick,and mosquito appications that you put on the dog.
    or you can shampoo at walmart or any pet store. i got a sister who has a yorkie and she is constantly doing the same thing and she doesnt have fleas she has dry skin. so she got the shampoo at petco and using once a week and she doesnt itch or bite her legs or anything anymore. I am not saying she or he couldnt have a flea or two though

  6. mazell41

    Wash your Yorkie with baby shampoo. Soap & water kill fleas. Then protect her from pocking up more by using one of the treatments that you put on the neck. Get the appropriate one from your vet or at least get his recomendation. If fleas have come into your home, You may need to vacuum & mop very well. Maybe even “bug bomb” your house. Just make sure all dishes & plants are covered in plastic & sealed & make sure all living things are out of the house for a few hrs. Be sure & follow the directions on the can precisely if you do this. I’m sure all will work out fine but wish you good luck anyway.

  7. tazvioli

    I own Pekingese dogs and of course encounter fleas. I am into alternative methods for myself as well as my dogs. I personally use Kyolic liquid aged garlic and nutritional yeast. Make sure if you decide to use nutritional yeast that it is NOT baking yeast!!!!! You can find nutritional yeast and garlic at most health food stores and viatmin stores.

  8. Mark W

    First, you have to realize they aren’t just on your dog. You must treat the yard and the entire house inside (if the dog comes inside.) You also must treat all other pets. In the yard, you need to spread the bug killer now and AGAIN in about 10 days due to the eggs that will hatch. In the house, vacuum the carpets, and wash any hard tiles and wood. Spray a flea killer and repeat again in 10 days. VERY IMPORTANT: DO not allow the pets in the yard or the house until the chemicals are dry!! Now, the dog needs a “dip” or bath and/or dusting to rid the fleas off it. Don’t forget to repeat in 10 days or it will all come back again! Good luck. It worked great for us.

  9. mistress

    The first step is to vacuum. It has already been mentioned that only 5% of the fleas are living on your pet and that the other 95% are living in your house or yard. If you have dogs that live inside or regularly come inside the house you need to get rid of the vast majority of the fleas quickly and easily. You can achieve this by vacuuming them up.
    The next step in getting rid of fleas is to spray with the insecticide of your choice. Spray all carpets, rugs and places your pet sleeps with a flea surface spray, flea bomb or fogger that kills flea eggs, larvae and emerging adult fleas. Check the label of sprays for active ingredients. You must use one that contains IGR. Make sure you get into every nook and cranny and pay special attention around base boards and under rugs, beds and furniture.
    Spray patios, under decks, verandahs, kennels, crevices, along fence lines and anywhere your dog sleeps. It is not usually necessary to spray the entire yard or areas which are exposed to sunlight as the larvae avoid bright places.
    The flea spray you use in your house is fine to use in the yard too.
    Next wash all of your pets bedding and soft toys. Shake them well and hang them in the sunlight to dry.
    The older generation of flea control products (Flea powders, flea collars and dips) are now completely obsolete. The latest treatments are top-spots, which are much safer for both pets and humans. These are applied to the skin, usually between the shoulder blades and the chemicals disperse through the skin’s oils. Usually applied monthly they include Advantage, Frontline and Revolution. Most top-spot flea treatments can be used on puppies from 8 weeks of age.

  10. I â?¥ my doberman

    advantage,,from a vet or a pet supply store…It a spot on treatment…just put it on their back…either 48 hours before or 48 hours after a Bath…Good luck

  11. wildfire

    best is a vet treatment like revolution this is good for heart worms and fleas. flea bath once a month, 2 during summer and fall. treat yard Durban it helps not just with fleas but ants and ticks. wash his bedding, they have store carpet flea treatment if u have it in your home. it a fight every year and your dog will be grateful. good luck 🙂

  12. Misty

    Frontline works well for me. Use a flea shampoo and comb out the fleas first, wait a few days for the oil to build back up and then treat with frontline or advantage. You need to treat your carpet and vacuum as well. Fleas are no fun.

  13. Goddess

    Don’t just guess on that. There are other reasons why dogs bite themselves. You could try seperating her hair near the anus (that is the most common place to find fleas or flea dirt) so that you can see the skin. Depending on the dog, you may need to wet the area just a little bit in order to see the skin. If you see fleas or if you see any flea dirt then proceed with flea treatment. If you see no sign of this, take the dog to the vet. This could be any number of things going on here. Dermatits is one thing, allergies another. If you aren’t sure of what to look for, just take the dog to the vet anyways especially because of the dog’s age.

  14. Stark

    Topical products like Frontline and Advantage that you can get from the petstore work GREAT! There is also something called Revolution which you have to get from your veterinarian because it is a perscription medication because it has flea control, and heartworm prevention in it. All of these are applied topically and last for one month. Frontline is my favorite. If you get it from the petstores just be sure to get it in the right weight range.
    You can use things like flea baths, which work great initially, but they don’t prevent fleas from getting back on your pet. And because fleas lay eggs, it is likely that the eggs will hatch later on. So with the topicals, some of them kill the eggs, and some of them kill the flea as soon as it hatches.
    If you have any other questions, or if you think it is something other than fleas, your veterinarian can help.

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