Does it require college courses or on the job training apprenticeships?


  1. Collie

    You need to go to as many different dog training classes that you can. Ask if you can ‘shadow’ the instructors to gain from their experience. Then make up your mind who has the best methods.
    Read all you can but…..You cannot beat experience!

  2. tmrvt

    well, the first thing you need is extensive knowledge of dog behavior. The best thing to do you be to start working with a behaviorist or an obedience school. As you learn more, you can branch out and start doing your own thing. You can also get a job at veterinary clinics that offer, or are interested in offering obedience courses.

  3. usha n

    hello ,
    i have also a pet at home. and till now i never felt the need of giving it a special training…and still he is very obedient and listens a lot. for this one requires a lot of patience because at first we think that what ever we say /command to our pet isn’t working or they are not understanding anything so we think that our efforts are of no use.. but believe me if u repeat the same command with some actions without being too strict then your pet will learn it to never forget and reward him with his favourite biscuit or something when he starts responding so that heknows that if he listen to u he’ll get something he loves to eat.

  4. SureKat

    No, you just need to love dogs and work hard. See if there is a class going in your area if so, ask them if you could work and learn with them. It would be best if you took a dog to the class you’ll learn a lot more that way.Best of luck;^)

  5. nitin j

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