I have 3 dogs and 2 cats. The cats are not too bad with fleas, but the dogs are lousey. I give them a bath with flea shampoo and within hours to 1 day they have as many on them as they did before i gave them a bath. Any suggestions?


  1. Chalice

    Yes, this is what happens when you use flea shampoos. Flea shampoos are not preventatives; they only wash fleas off, so the animal is typically reinfested before the day is out.
    Please go to a vets for proper flea treatments, for your cats as well as your dogs. Frontline, Revolution and Advantage are all good – they will all keep fleas off your animals for at least a month. Get the stuff on the animals, skin, not the fur, and don’t bathe the animals before applying it.
    ANY flea treatments from a pets store do not work.

  2. ?

    first , make sure the shampoo is a good one, not that cheap crap from the grocery store, and not Hartz…
    ..it MUST STATE, that it kills flea eggs…..
    …flea collars, no, dont bother…..
    …I’m not a fan of frontline either, ……but many like it, ..i think its dangerous…..and Advantix sucks, a waste of money…..
    …..i also use a good flea spray, …and its completely natural and does work, called…De Flea by natural chemistry.
    Keep the dogs and cats in, .cus you can wash all day, every day, the fleas this year were absolutely horrible….
    my 3 dogs have had 2-3 baths (super mild shampoo)..a week because of them, and they are indoor dogs….but just to go to the bathroom, the fleas hop all over them as soon as they stop outside…
    Another thing you can do, is brewers yeast, sprinkled on their food….there is also a brewers yeast…gallic combo at pet store…safe for the dogs….and the fleas dont like it….
    ..so just keep at it…they are bad everywhere this year….as soon as we get a few frost, ..i’m giving them all a “dip”…and that’ll be that. good luck..
    please make sure your pooch is on heart worm prevention

  3. Know-How Kid

    Get a vacuum out flea powder for the fabric in your house. Couches, rugs, carpets, etc. Sprinkle on your fabric surfaces and vacuum out. Wash your linens and drapes in hot water. If they are still hopping around you may need to bomb the house. Then bathe your dogs. Make sure you use a shampoo that has a growth hormone regulator. This will kill all stages off fleas including the eggs. Follow the directions on the bottle and leave it on for the recommended time. Apply a flea preventative like Front-line to kill fleas when they bite. After all these keep you dogs away from any other dogs for a few days to prevent re-contamination. Hope this helps.

  4. ladybug

    go to entirely pets.com and they sell it the cheapest compared to 1800 pet meds or any other site, i’ve compared prices and the frontline at entirely pets.com is more than $15 cheaper than 1800 pet meds. Don’t make your pets suffer and let fleas invade your home! Being a responsible pet owner means getting rid of all the fles if need be get one pack for the dogs and one for the cats and it wont cost as much

  5. trooper7

    brewers yeast tablets! buy them from ahealth food store. i dont know about cats- but dogs act like it is catnip to a cat. give that to them very day as a treat- they love them and it keeps fleas off them. now the key is- to get them out of your house.

  6. mmp

    Well i would guess that they are in your house. Go to a vet and they can give you a medication for the dogs. Also the easiest way to get rid of fleas in your house would be to bomb your house witha bug bomb.

  7. cyrus_ta

    hahahhahah kill them all..
    no carrier of fleas then no fleas
    just joking… dont let them go outside and interact with other dogs..
    dont let them lie on the floor
    clean your haus
    and kill every fleas you see
    my uncle spray something in our house and we cant go inside for a day so we stayed at our resthouse but hey its worth it
    no fleas anymore

  8. <3 cats

    Try using a topical flea prevention and control on both your cats and dogs, like Frontline, Revolution, etc.
    These do work!
    What doesn’t work: flea collars, flea shampoos and powders.

  9. James

    Use a anti-flea medication and while everyone is out of the house let off bug bombs.:) try to time it so the bug bomb occurs while all the pets are outside and right after the anti flea is put on

  10. Big Kisses :-)

    I use frontline it works great i have not seen a flea on my dogs since i started using it and as for my cat i use the frontline spray

  11. NiCoLe i love my Chi cena!

    Ok the shampoo is good…but dont bathe too often! Try flea repellants on the outside, you know, spray around in the yard! Also use K9 Advantix or Frontline! Get some for your cats too! Also try a flea collar on the dogs and cats! You can get frontline and k9 advantix at your vet!

  12. Nick P

    Fleas are the devil!!!!
    For the pets themselves you should get some”advatix” or “advantage” flea drops. It is kind of expensive, but it is the only thing that really worked for me. You may need to take them to a groomer and get their hair trimmed and get them a full flea dip.
    For the house, you should vacuum often and use borax powder on the carpets. also, you should definatley set off some bug bombs anywhere you have seen the fleas. Wash the pets beds. They also make sprays that are out of a can or that you can put in a pump sprayer. You can spray your lawn for fleas too.

  13. ?!?!?!?!

    get a professinoal to spray that stuff on your lawn and then take your pets to thee vet to get a special treat ment

  14. Nothing but luxury

    you could get your dog on heartworm medication from April to October, and go to a vet and get a flea & tick serum that you put on once a month so there wont be any on them.

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