My last cat died, so i am now thinking of getting another. The problem is next door have 2 cats that invade my so-called magnet only entry cat flap and steal my cat’s food and bring their fleas in. Any suggestions how to keep them out and/or treat the regular flea invasion without resorting to toxic chemicals?


  1. Sparklep

    Hi there,
    What an annoying problem; it’s a shame your neighbours aren’t as concerned about fleas as you are.
    How old is your magnetic cat flap? Is it the kind of flap that responds to a collar on your cat? I would suggest buying a different brand and this should sort the problem out, so that ONLY your new cat can enter. I would read reviews about each brand before you buy – just type ‘[brand of cat flap] reviews’ into Google.
    As for the flea infestation, the only thing you can do is treat your new cat for fleas and flea-bomb your house unfortunately. Somebody else advised treating your neighbour’s cats when they come in – but a) you don’t want to pay to treat someone else’s cats! and b) they may have allergies to flea treatment that you do not know about.
    I hope you manage to sort this problem out and I am very sorry to hear about your old cat.
    xx Emmie

  2. beanie

    Change the catflap to one that works. You also need to scare the intruder cats next time they come in with water spray or a loud noise.

  3. Darkkrys

    You can get one of those magnetic cat doors with the collar that you put on your cat, and the door will only respond to your cat going in and out.

  4. bec

    You could treat your neighbours cats fleas with Frontline or Stronghold (spot on flea treatment).
    Also, try a new cat flap with magnetic entry – the new ones might be better

  5. steve

    The only way is a flea bath for cats and after your cat is dry make sure your cats wears a flea collar.
    You will also have to bomb your house with flea killer to make sure the fleas you have are gone or they will jump back on your cat.
    That’s the only way to make sure they are gone.

  6. bails

    I agree with everyone else re replacing the magnetic cat flap with a new one but if your cat has died why are you still putting food out?

  7. sandraap

    I know exactly the perfect thing, you can by special collar which you by to put on YOUR CAT ONLY thius special collar has a sensor on it which your cat will only have and the sensor on its collar will activate the cat flap automatically very clever stuff

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