I have tried everything to kill fleas on my dog. Is there any home remedies to help?



  1. Chetco

    To kill fleas on a dog, you can bathe with Dawn or Ivory dish soap, Or Ivory Bar soap.. leave on 5 minutes, and then rinse well..brushing as you rinse..
    Mix 1/2 cup of any vinegar or lemon juice, in 1 gallon of warm water for the final rinse..
    However, if you want to KEEP fleas off your dog, the new spot-on treatments are amazing…REVOLUTION kills fleas, and keeps new ones from hatching, prevents heartworm, internal parasites, ear mites, mange mites, and ticks, plus all the diseases carried by ticks and mosquitoes..My dogs are too sensitive for most products, but this one works fine for them. Wow! where has Revolution been all my life!!
    Vets are encouraged to give the first treatment for free, so call around and ask who carries it, and if they give the first one free..

  2. **MoonLi…

    The only treatment that I know works in a topical treatment (like Advantage or Frontline). You may have to go through three cycles to sterilize the fleas. Then, you should treat your home with a flea fogger. Afterwards, you need to vacuum rugs and carpets continuely and empty the cannister or bag frequently (outside).

  3. askmewha…

    Vinegar. I use it on my cats sometimes. They say the fleas really hate the smell. :^)

  4. audio books

    I bathe both my dogs with White Rain shampoo and conditioner. To get all the fleas killed to begin with do it two days in a row and then once every other week. The key to keep fleas off your dog is to kill them in the house too. You need to get some flea spray or powder for your house and use it on every carpet and piece of funiture you have. It might just be easier if you get a bug bomb for the house.

  5. ☆☆☆ TayLoR SwIfT FaN ☆☆☆

    frontline but, if you have not got money bye 5 lemons get jucie and spray right on them but let it sit over night

  6. angel

    If your dog already has fleas, that means that there are fleas in your house, like in your carpets, bedding, and clothes. I suggest that you get “bombs” that you set off in your house while you are away. Once you’ve killed the fleas in your house and given your dog a bath with a good flea shampoo, focus on prevention by using Advantage or Frontline from your vet every month.

  7. )(*&^%$#

    use frontline plus…i have two yorkies and this is what i swear by…make sure you dont wash the dog until five days after you applied the product…also if you are going to bathe him/her use this….http://www.biospot.com/dog_bioguard.php it will not wash off the flea product….remember, with frontline plus the fleas may jump on him/her, but they dont live…they wont bite either….good luck!

  8. Lisa P

    You can’t just treat the dog – you have to treat the environment he lives in. Fleas don’t actually live on the animal. They only jump on to have a feast, then jump off again. They lay their eggs in dirt, carpet etc, and when the eggs hatch, the youngsters do the same. Try using a flea bomb to bomb the house and at the same time, do a flea treatment on your dog (a good treatment from a vet – like Frontline – not one of the grocery store variety). You may have to repeat after a 2-week interval, to kill off any that hatched in the meantime. After this you should be home free as the young fleas won’t have had time to mature so there shouldn’t be any more eggs. Good luck.

  9. auskan20

    I’ve tried all the home remedies that people suggested, but the only thing that has worked for me is Frontline Top Spot. I am an amateur organic gardener, so I always try natural solutions first. If you have them in the house & yard also, you have to treat them all at the same time. Give the dog a flea bath at the same time you treat the house & yard, then a few days later, start the top spot.

  10. Elizabeth G

    alright this is what we are doing because we have fleas here and we live in the country and we have cats (2 1/2), dogs (2), and horses (3). get the bug bomb and bomb house (follow the direction on the box). then bomb it again about a week or so later. also. try using flea collars. make sure you wash all clothing, bedding, blankets everything and spray it with some kind of flea spray (we use hartz 3 and 1 flea and tick spray – or something like that). spray that on all cloth and on furniture and carpet. also use something on the carpet some carpet powder that kills the fleas. sprinkle it on the carpet and try to vacuum the carpet every day or every other day at least to kill all the eggs. they have the powder that smells good. it’ll help.

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  12. missscs3

    You can’t possibly have tried everything. If you are unable to think of something else, go see a vet.

  13. vicky l

    You need to also treat the house (flea or insect bomb- use at least as much as described on the cans) and also treat the dog. If your dog is an outdoor dog it will also need the Frontline and any areas outside (dog house) need to be treated as well, as best as possible. You cannot just treat the dog because the house and sleeping areas will also harbor fleas. A vet is a good source of info also. Talk to your vet before using Frontline- some breeds cannot have Frontline used- it could cause serious problems and or death. Please talk to your vet asap. It may even be something other than fleas- best wishes and best of luck to you and your companion…fleas are a pain!

  14. Blunt Honesty

    Do not get anything that is sold at the supermarkets. None of them work and the Hartz brand has been known to kill cats but leave the fleas.
    There are three rather successful medications that are sold at vets. Advantage, Revolution, and Frontline. All three of them are a monthly treatment of medicine applied to the dog between the shoulder blades where he (she) can’t lick it off. (If you have a cat who is friends with the dog, make sure she doesn’t lick the dog while the medicine is on him!)
    This medicine goes into the dog’s blood system and when the fleas drink the blood, the medicine destroys their nervous systems. Just like all other medicines, there are some pets that are allergic to this treatment so in the next one or two days, watch your dog closely for signs of sickness. If he’s not acting right, take him to the vet immediately!
    This treatment needs to be repeated EVERY MONTH. Many people give up after a couple of treatments and then wonder why the fleas come back. Monthly treatments are the way for destroying the flea cycle.
    Also, vacuum the house and empty the vacuum outside every day. Shake out your dog’s bedding outside every day and wash it weekly if possible. Flea eggs are smooth, not sticky, so they are easier to get rid of. Problem is, the pupa is sticky and lives off of adult flea droppings, which can be found in your dog’s bedding if it’s not cleaned regularly. If any surviving eggs-turned-pupa find the droppings, they become adult fleas that lay more eggs.

  15. nicknock

    I havent heard of any home remedies to kill fleas, at least nothing short of some hillbilly in podunk talking about some kind of acid wash but any ways. Try the flea collar it seems to work the best, just make sure when u pun it on you have to break the seal for the formula to be able to spread. Or u can just shave you dog. 🙂

  16. Beverly

    Believe it or not Skin So Soft from Avon works the best rub it on and the fleas suffocate come right off! It is safe for the animals and the BEST flea preventive around! I use it once in the summer on my dog and cats and they love it! I bathe the dog afterwards and wipe off the cats. They are good to go and no scrathing! It works better then any vet medication including Advantage! My dog used to be flea bitten now he is always flea free and his coat is healthier and shinier then ever! Try it you won’t be sorry! Its the green bottled Skin So Soft, I use the spray one its easier to use. Believe me its great!! I have a little Yorkie.

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