I took my dogs to a doggie boarding kennel and when we checked them out, I noticed my dogs had several fleas.


  1. Groomer/

    I would first inform the kennel of this problem you encountered. Next I would stop by your vet and ask for a capstar, this is an oral pill that will kill all of the fleas within 30 minutes. Then talk to your vet about applying a frontline, this will help if your pets come into contact with fleas again, it will kill them within hours

  2. someone you don't know

    bathe them! also, there are many products, such as frontline (which my family uses on my dog) that repels fleas and ticks.

  3. joyceele

    any boarding place includes a flea dip and a bath before they come home..if it did not…you got screwed over and now you have fleas. take the dog back and demand a bath for free

  4. Q&A

    Buy a flea preventive like Frontline from your vet (STAY AWAY FROM A PRODUCT CALLED HARTZ!!!) Then get your house sprayed and wash the bedding. Apply frontline regularly normally every month.

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