My cat came home from the vet with fleas! It seems like they are everywhere and they are always biting me! I put some Advantage on him a week ago but he is still itching. I thought the medicine kills the fleas once they jump on him. I have changed my sheets several times. I dont’ seem to be getting bit in the bed. I am moving to another apartment in a week and about to have a baby soon. I am soooo worried the fleas will some how make it to the other apartment via furniture or clothes. What are the steps to preventing this? I can’t part with my furniture right now or else I would just throw it away b/c it is old anyways. I need some advice on how to prevent bringing them to my new apartment. Please help!!


  1. Madison

    The flea medicine works when the flea bites the cat because it drinks the poison so it may take a week for it to work. Also, you have to clean your apartment well in order for the fleas to stay off of the cat. Make sure you use a good vaccum to clean the carpets and vaccum off your furniture. Also, it’s best to wash your bed sheets. Before you move into your new apartment, apply more medicine to the cat (if it’s been a month since his last treatment). Also, consider getting a pest control company to spray your new apartment. I use COOKS to spray my house to help keep fleas away.

  2. dcrc93

    always give a flea bath might have to have the fat do it.or there is a spray you can put on them ,then the advantage.have to kill the fleas that are already on them first.
    then you might put seven or 7 dust or spray in your will need to set off some flea killing bombs before you move and maybe after you move to the new place also.that sould take care of them and get you back on the road to flea free

  3. Seema K

    The safest and cheapest method of getting rid of fleas is to use a mixture of boric acid and salt. The powder should be sprayed on carpets, bedding and areas frequented by pets. More information on getting rid of fleas is available at

  4. [♥]londo

    I’m not really sure if you can completely rid all of this stuff from the fleas, but try to wash everything that can possibly be washed in hot water and then pack it away in boxes.
    Go to your local pet store and ask someone that works there for flea powder and sprinkle it around your new home. That should make sure that the problem doesn’t persist. Also, when you’re at the pet store, tell the person that you ask about the flea powder about your problem and they should be able to help you with anything else you can do.
    Good luck with that-fleas are so pesky!

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