My dog has been having fleas and ticks on him but we don’t know how to completely remove them from the backyard. The yard doesn’t have too much grass, the majority is dirt. What is the best solution for removing them?


  1. SeaGirl

    I would put frontline on your dog. It it a protective liqued you put on his neck once a month that prevents ticks and fleas from biting him or getting on him! Check your vet or your local pet store to get some! It work great on my dogs. Hope that helps!

  2. Lizzy719

    get that fle n tick medican they show on tv.
    i 4got wat it was called but it worked 4 my dog and he hasnt been ichen since

  3. scotgirl

    That is so hard!
    We have a lot of ticks because we have herds of deer traveling through our yard several time a day, and they carry them in.
    Use a granular insecticide –you can find it at a garden store, probably, not the hardware store.

  4. dragonfl

    is there construction going on in the area? Where I live someone was telling me she has been having a real problem with ticks so she called the Frontline company because she has been using that product but her dog is still getting ticks. The first question the Frontline people asked is if there was earth moving /construction going on nearby. Apparently ticks can live in the ground 2-3 years, but the vibrations of construction will send them up by the thousands. Her dog was getting ticks just due to the sheer volume of ticks in the area.
    gross, huh?
    anyway, there are yard sprays you can get, keep things trimmed down, check your dog daily and keep up on the topical flea/tick treatments. Good luck!

  5. haha()()

    There are products that you can use to kill bugs in your yard. You just sprinkle them all over your yard and they will kill the bugs. There are also some products for your dog that kill ticks and bugs on your dog.

  6. Wags of Wisdom

    You can buy strong spray to remove fleas. I’m not sure if it’s safe to have your dog in that area if you use it though. I believe it is also effective with ticks and mosquitos. Focus on piles of wood, bushes and brush when or if you spray. Make sure you use Frontline Plus or K9 Advantix on your dog as a preventative measure.

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