I just got 2 very young kittens (too young for Frontline or Advantage) and I have already bathed them with some dish soap to rid them of fleas, but they still have some left. What is the best way to rid them of the rest?


  1. galapago

    Ok, first of all, DO NOT use any over the counter flea products. The flea collar that the first poster suggested could kill your kitten. If the bottle or package says do not use under a certain age (usually 12 weeks to 6 months) DON’T use it.
    Advantage can be used on cats as young as 8 weeks. At this point I would recommend using the Dawn dish soap baths to get rid of the mature fleas (using a flea comb will definitely help alot). Be sure that you are vacuuming your house everyday to suck up any other fleas that are in your carpet or furniture. Be sure that you are taking the bag out (or emptying the canister out) every time. Also make sure you are throwing it away outside. Fleas will not be killed by the vacuum so they will come back out if not taken outside.
    When your kittens reach 8 weeks, take them to the vet and get prescription flea meds. These will work the best and be the safest (especially compared to Hartz, Zodiac….or any other flea control product).
    Calling your vet and asking their advice on what to do until then is probably in your best interest as well.
    Good luck with everything!

  2. Namrata K

    A flea collar. There should be “levels” of chemicals on the box. Go check with the pet store or your vet of course.

  3. sunita.p

    Fleas are tough…have you bought a flea comb? They need to be combed with it every day to keep the fleas off. Plus, change out their bedding at least twice a day and wash it as soon as you can since it will probably have fleas on it. I have a cat that was orphaned at 2 weeks old, he is 6 weeks old and I was finally able to put the advantage on him.

  4. kitty143

    I don’t know how old your kittens are but, if there older than 12 weeks you can try this PurrScriptions Squeeze-On for Kittens or Hartz ADVANCED CARE 3 in 1 Foaming Shampoo forKittens
    I don’t know of anything for youger than 12 weeks of age.

  5. bRoWn eYeD BuTTeRfLy®210~TX

    i had the same problem with our kitten…we didnt know how old she was and didnt want to take any chances…..
    what we did is took her a long bath!
    you should do it in the restroom sink …..just fill it up with warm water and use a little dawn…..sit her in there for a total of 10-15 minutes(keep changing the water so she dosent get cold)……..
    keep massaging her so she wont get nervous and want to run out…..by the time you know it you will start to see fleas floating…..(they will have drowned) get a comb…any one really (as long as its NOT wide toothed) and start combing through her fur…..it is helpful if you have another container to pinch out the dead fleas and put them in there,….you may want to put a little water in there……
    i wouldnt suggest this method with an older cat who you may not be able to control…..repeat with the other kitten……
    TRUST ME!!!!~~~IT DOES WORK~~~~~
    good luck and fun with those new fur babies!

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