I need to make some money..and i’m good at training dogs..so i want to train dogs for money right now [i’m 14 by the way] but i don’t want to go through all the government papers..I want to just train doggies for now..you know? [how can i get noticed for doing this around the small town?]


  1. Kiki B

    first of all you are too young to legally handle some dogs, second you need insurance. You might be very good at training some dogs, but to be honest, most people will not hire you. Why not wait a year or two and get a job at petsmart or somewhere they have on site “dog training ” classes where they have the insurance and facilites, then when you get good and you have referrals, you can start you own legal business and you will be old enough that your parents won’t be liable in case something happens. Good luck, don’t give up your dream, educate yourself and volunteer at shelters for experience, then you will be more likely to get hired either as a cashier first or maybe straight into training…

  2. JD

    well, it’s more or less illegal to do it without the paperwork, sorry, but maybe you can start up a small thing just around your neighborhood with folks who know you. the thing is, if you get paid for something, you are supposed to report it. not everyone does. it’s easier between friends to let it slide, if you’re going to do it that way.

  3. doomaerd

    Well, if you’re looking to do this ‘under the table’, so to speak (that is, without claiming taxes on it), you can only really put up signs around the neighbourhood, and advertise in local newspapers and magazines. Unfortunately, I’ll tell you right now that there aren’t many people who will trust a 14 year old with training their dog, unless you can prove your results are positive. Otherwise, looks like you’ll be flipping burgers or pumping gas for spare change!

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