My cat has fleas and the bite the heck out of me. Its starting to get bad and my whole legs are getting covered with bites. I have tried to get rid of them by sparying my house out and giving my cat flea collars and giving them baths. But they come back and they bite me again. Is there some sort of lotion or something I can actually put on my skin that will stop the biting and possibly heal some of the bites?
Please help thank you very much I appreciate it. =)


  1. Ring0Ros

    now you know how your cat feels!
    the trick is to stop the source….
    1. get ’em off the cats
    —–use a flea comb, bath them to get the eggs, get Rx from the vet
    —–get them ‘dipped’ at the vet
    2. wash everything!
    —–cat’s bed, your bed, slipcovers, steam the carpets
    3. flea bomb the whole house
    —-get them at the store and go away from the weekend
    —- put the cats in kennel during the flea bombing

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    You need to buy some Frontline and use it on Your cat as the instructions state. You can get it for about 20 bucks at any Vet’s office. It works way better than collars or baths. After You’ve done this I would also suggest that You use some type of Flea killing product on Your carpet and furniture, but leave the cat and any People outside (You could put the cat on your porch in a pet cage) while You are doing this.

  3. killarsh

    First bomb your place with a few good flea bombs, second forget about the flea collars and use a good monthly flea treatment like Advantage or Frontline read the instructions on the box on where to place the medicine. If you do give your cat a bath you will have to wait at least a week before you can apply the medicine because you need to wait for your pet to build up their natural oils back on their skin and fur, not waiting may cause irritation on the skin. You may need to bomb your place a couple of times if you still are getting bitten.

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    Dear Friend:
    Flea collars work very well but if you and your cat still
    having fleas perhaps you should try another brand some are better than others (like anything else) so try different one. The “Johnson” company have some Flea-Killers whom work very well. Besides the baths is a good idea do laundry more often like 2 times a week and wipe your floors with bleach, following the instructions in the label. When you have a “insect problem” you have to be extra clean for at least one month. This is your final solution to this problem: There is a product named “Fumigator” (fumigating fogger) you can find in the Supermarket. It is very effective but YOU HAVE TO BE VERY CAREFULLY. To use that you have to take your animals, plants and other people out of the house for about two hrs. or more because is like POISON fog, you not suposto breath that. I hope this info will help you.

  5. rose01

    your best bet is to get flea bombs from the pet store and bomb your hole house every 14 days for a month or so and go to the pet groomer and get the cats a flea bath. the flea eggs hatch every 15 days that’s why they are still there in the house. for the bitting of you it’s no use.
    vaccume everything in the house and change the bag or the canister OUTSIDE away from the house use flea collers on the cats and don’t let the cats outside cause they will get fleas agin.
    I hope this helps, and use cocobutter on the bites so they don’t leave a scar.

  6. judy_t00

    ou need to spray with the flea spray again, then vaccuum all the carpets, baseboards, and anywhere the fleas might be able to lay eggs. You should do this every week or so un til all the fleas are gone.. OH, and bathe your cats in a flea shampoo. Go to your hardware store of vet and ask for both the correct spray, and the flea shampoo.

  7. TKS

    You must get fronline plus on the cats, get a spray with IGR and adulticide and spray every flooring, rug, under furniture, etc. every 2-3 weeks. You have to get rid of the problem, there must be a ton to even be interested in you. Your cats may even be getting anemic. Also vacuum throw the bag outside. That will help.

  8. meowcatf

    You need to get some flea drops for your cat. Flea collars and baths dont do much because the fleas can live in your carpet and clothes and bedding (almost anything). Make sure you vaccum daily, at least once a day. Drops work the best and you need to put the drops on your cat every 3-4 weeks good luck!

  9. Gatsbi00

    Use Frontline Plus or Advantage on the cats. I have even shaken the last drops out of the dispensers and applied it to my own back of the neck, my ankles, and my wrists — it seems to help everybody!

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