I just got my hamster and right once i bought it i realized that i didn’t know if he had fleas! Is there any abnormal things they do if they have fleas? HELP!!!


  1. lady_cul

    They will do the same thing that dogs or cats with fleas do.Excessive scratching, hair loss and if you look closely little jumpy bugs. Do you THINK he has fleas?Most hamsters, if bought from a good petstore or breeder should not have fleas. Change his bedding right away and if he looks itchy or is loosing fur I suggest contacting a vet right away or buying hamster safe anti-flea spray from a pet shop.
    Generally hamsters, if they live in clean healthy conditions should not have fleas or mites.

  2. Alyssa M

    my gerbil had ticks when i purchased him from the pet store buy a flea shower for like 8 bucks and it kills them , in the meantime all they do is scratch and bite at them,

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